As I am picking tomatoes in my way over grown garden, jamming to my earphones, I come across a beautiful spider guarding a small vine of cherry tomatoes. He* didn’t move very much so I strategically picked the ready fruit and managed to get a picture of him for further study later on in the day. Then I let him go back to his napping.

*Yes, I am positive my spider is a male 🙂 I have named him Protector!


Turns out my little spider friend is perfectly harmless and is called a Marbled Orbweaver and are actually nocturnal (hence why I let him continue his nap). You can see part of his web in the bottom left corner which is an orbweb, giving Protector his name. They feast on small gnats and flies, therefor keeping them off of my tomatoes (we have become very good friends!). I am hoping that he will tell all of his friends about the need for gnat and fly termination and that they will come running!

Anyhow, I just wanted to share that little piece of info with you all so that if you encounter a spider of this resemblance, you would know of its harmlessness!


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