Some Photos of Mi Familia!

I haven’t posted any pics of my family in a very long while (I don’t have Facebook or Instagram or any other social media so I post cute pics here!) , so, without further ado…..(All the below pics were taken by Lexie, except of course the ones of her, MaKenzie and I took those 🙂 )

Mr. Gavin….

photo 1(14) photo 3(11) photo 2(10) photo 4(10)

Miss Maggie…..





photo 2

Mr. Garett


photo 4(2) photo 2(2)

This seems to be everyone’s favorite!
First time he saw this picture he said, “Hey! I look like Jason Aldean!” Too cute!

Miss Lexie….

photo 1(11) - Copy photo 3(10) photo 3(8) photo 3(7) photo 5(5)

Miss MaKenzie…..

photo 5(6) photo 4(8) photo 3(9) photo 1(13) - Copy photo 1(10) - Copy

And last but not least (most definitely not least!), me!

Miss Rayleigh….

photo 1(9) - Copy
I was trying so hard not to fall off this stupid ladder! Hence my facial expression!
photo 1(6) - Copy
This picture sets up my next section…..

photo 2(6) - Copy photo 2(7) - Copy photo 3(5)

Silly Pics and Cute Duos(possible threeos…)!

photo 3(3)
There is a possibility that Lexie might leave a nasty comment for this one entering….but don’t worry, I will delete it!!!!

photo 4(3)

photo 4(4)
She was singing “Love’s an Open Door” from Frozen!!!!
photo 1(4) - Copy
This is probably my favorite picture of her! Cute and sassy!!!

photo 5(4) photo 3(4) - Copy photo 2(5) - Copy photo 2(4) - Copy

So, now you’ve been updated on my beautiful family!


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