Two Years Ago…..

Wow, two years! It certainly does not seem this long. I was fourteen years old when I started this blog, and have very much improved on my writing (thank goodness…) through blogging here! I thought as a cool thing to do on my blogaversary, I would provide some links to some of my very first posts! Also, I thought it would be kind of interesting if I posted some random facts(found on Wiki!) that happened on June 26 (not necessarily in 2012)….

Random Things That Happened on June 26

*The great social network of Facebook happened to perturb some of it’s users by making it’s @facebook.com email system the default contact shown on profiles without asking permission. (2012)

*The Christian holiday of Christmas is declared a federal holiday in the United States. (1870)

*The French Grand Prix was the first Grand Prix motor racing event held. (On June 26, 1906)

*The Cyclone roller coaster opens on Coney Island. (1927)

Some Of My First Blog Posts

A Legacy (2012)

Chess and Cody Meet The Neighbor Girl (Part 1) (2013)

Chess and Cody Meet The Neighbor Girl (Part 2) (2013)*

Encouragement to Teens (2013)

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed yourself!!

*I have a page titled All of Chess’s stories that obviously has all of Chess’s stories that I have written. My personal favorite is Chess and the Fluffy White Ball!


2 thoughts on “Two Years Ago…..”

  1. Happy (slightly late) blog birthday! Two years? Congratulations! 🙂
    (As a vaguely random side-note, your blog shares a birthday with my brother.)

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