A Blog That I Need Your Help Getting Off the Ground

I have mentioned a few times that my sister, MaKenzie, and I have another blog together called The Creation Tunnel, but it doesn’t get hardly any traffic and has very little followers. Because it is almost invisible, she and I have very little motivation in posting on it. It does have a few posts on it now, but we will probably post on it more if we know that it is actually getting read.

The Creation Tunnel is where MaKenzie and I post our research on various animals and tell how they defy evolution and prove Creation. We have also posted a few essays that explain evolution as well as Creation, from the knowledge of teens. What I need your help with, is to go check it out and please follow it if you have even just a tiny bit of interest in it!!

MaKenzie and I also had a great idea to turn The Creation Tunnel into a community type blog. Where lots of different people can post on it, but through us. We will not have any other authors actually registered with passwords and such, but we will give the author of the post credit for everything they wrote and include their bio pic if they have one. We are still working on details for a policy, but if you are interested in being a part of this, drop a comment in THIS POST including your email and I will get back with you as soon as we work out all the details. But I am really serious in getting some followers, so tell everyone you know!!!!!! The link to The Creation Tunnel is below:


I will be back with updates soon!


2 thoughts on “A Blog That I Need Your Help Getting Off the Ground”

  1. That’s a great idea for a blog, Rayleigh! I followed! I’m so excited to read more of your posts because in school I am constantly taught about and tested on, evolution. I know that the theory of evolution is wrong and that creation is the truth, but whenever we have to take a test about evolution, I have to write answers against my beliefs. Sometimes I even get ridiculed because I believe in creationism. People are like “So basically you’re ignoring the facts. You’re ignoring science!” It’s so annoying. I was reading 1 John in my Bible today and it wasn’t until I read this post and started writing out this comment that I realized how true the verse “Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you” is.

    1. I am so glad that you found this blog and are able to be encouraged by it! It breaks my heart to hear of the struggles you, as well as others, have to go through in order stay strong for Him. I am beyond blessed to be home schooled, therefore not having to battle maintaining my beliefs, but my heart reaches out for you and I will add you to my prayers.
      If you need any more encouragement, I recommend checking out my cousin’s blog @ paytonsadler.wordpress.com
      He doesn’t get to post on it very often, but the posts that are there might be very helpful to you.
      Thank you for commenting and have a blessed day!

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