I Am Known!

I think that it is just too cool on how many different countries/republics have viewed my blog in two years! So, I wanted to share them all with you from the ones that view the most to the faithful uno! So without further ado….

Top Country Aside from the USA….

We have a tie between the United Kingdom and Australia! Both of which have viewed my blog an average of 16 times( I know doesn’t sound like much, but still that is awesome!). There are actually a lot of different countries that have looked at my blog so I am going to have to zip through them otherwise you will be here all day!

Canada: 14

New Zealand: 11

Netherlands: 7

Russian Federation: 6

Nigeria: 5

France: 4

Egypt: 4

India: 3

Estonia: 3

Philippines: 3

Republic of Korea: 3

Malaysia: 2

Portugal: 2

Kuwait: 2

And all the rest are my uno fans!!

Hong Kong












South Africa


Just in case you did not want to count, that is 31 countries, 32 when you count America! That is so cool! I was going to put the flags under each country, but that might have a taken a while…..Thanks for reading!


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