Book Review: The Proof by Cheryl Colwell

The Proof

The Synopsis:

“Shrouded in mystery, a precious relic known as Il Testamento, or The Proof, circulated among the early Christians for centuries. Before their deaths, its guardians hid it from their adversaries, leaving only a crude map of its location.

For centuries, it lay in darkness. Until now. Reports of its existence have resurfaced, inciting an ancient rivalry between a ruthless group that seeks to destroy it, and a secret association that lusts for its power.

Summoned to Siena by a grandfather he has never met, Gabriel Dolcini is thrust into a dark maze of danger. And into his divine destiny.”

My Review:

All that I can say is, “It’s already over?!?!?!” I could not put this book down from the time I started it, to late last night! This book is a great size too! It is tall and thick!

As for the storyline, it was absolutely gripping and amazing! I loved the suspense and the characters, and everything! You never knew who to trust, and those closest to the main characters turned out to be enemies while enemies became allys! The end was totally unpredicted and The Proof is full of plot twists that will keep you on the edge. As I read this, it kind of reminded me of The Spanish Civil War Trilogy by Tricia Goyer and the movie National Treasure, kind of the same storyline, kind of.  Anyone who loves historical fiction dripping with suspense will love this book and I am so going to buy the rest of Cheryl’s books!!

*Awesome Note!: I got my book in the mail and found an unexpected surprise…..Cheryl autographed my book for me! I was so excited and now that I’ve finished the book, it is one of my most prized books!!!!

Things I Would Rather Not Mention…..

Even though this book is amazing, there are a few things I need to mention in order for this review to be completely honest. One, the graphic detail of certain murders(yes, there are several) would be hard on anyone under 13 and maybe even some 13-year-olds’. Two, this book had a few issues that made it kind of hard to read, such as failing to indent paragraphs and left out quite a few quotation marks, making it hard to know who was talking and causing me to reread a page a couple of times. This is not a major issue and does not make me change my opinion of the story itself, but some people might find this very annoying.

“I received this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”


3 thoughts on “Book Review: The Proof by Cheryl Colwell”

  1. This sounds like an interesting book! One of my favorite genres is historical fiction and I love suspenseful novels, as well as those where the reader can’t see the ending coming, so this seems like a good fit for me. I don’t really like graphic violence, but I guess I could still try it.

    1. Historical fiction is a favorite of mine as well! The graphics were not enough to make me skip paragraphs, but I was given a very precise visual of what was happening in a scene. I know that everyone has different stuff that they are comfortable with, so you may or may not like this book, but if you have read/enjoyed The Spanish Civil War Trilogy by Tricia Goyer (or even Chasing the Mona Lisa; also by Tricia Goyer) then I think you will thoroughly enjoy this book, because the violence in The Proof is pretty much equivalent to the books I just mentioned. I hope that you will enjoy it!

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