Talent’s Flight

Learning to Fly by C.W. Sun
Learning to Fly by C.W. Sun

This post shall be my short story that I wrote from this picture. This picture is a writing prompt that was on Red Lettering 🙂 I hope you enjoy the my story, of which I call Talent’s Flight!

Talent’s Flight

Talent twisted his tail around my neck and clung to me with his life. His claws bearing into my skin as the wind blew in our faces.

“Talent please! You’re hurting me!” I tried to pull his claws from my back, but Golden Dragons are much too strong for someone like me, even at a young age.

Talent finally got off of my back and released my skin from his claws, but he then curled his body around my feet, making it impossible to move.

“Talent! Get a grip! I am sorry that I said I’d throw you over the side to force you to fly! But really, you’re acting like you’ve never been on a ship before!” I reached down and thumped him on the nose. He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and I immediately regretted my actions.

“I’m sorry Talent, I didn’t realize how much I had scared you. But look” I exclaimed pointing to the mountains floating beneath us, “we’ve flown this course at least a thousand times, and I am positive that it becomes more beautiful with every trip!”

Talent peeked up over the side of the ship and gazed down to the mountains so I continued, “Just imagine Talent! You and I flying over those same mountains and into the clouds, just the two of us! Without the whole fleet to slow us down. And we could go anytime we want!” I gestured with my hands as I spoke.

Talent closed his eyes, rested his head on my shoulder, and sighed a sigh of contentment. I waited a few moments, then saw my chance when he had fully relaxed, “We could do all of that if you would fly.”

I spoke quietly, but no sooner had the words come out of mouth, Talent’s head shot up, he began backing away from the edge and shaking his head to say “No way!”.

I rolled my eyes and began my speech, just as I had rehearsed, “Talent, I chose you to be my Companion Dragon because I saw your potential, even though you were the runt.”

I paused, took a few steps away from the side, and continued on with my persuasive speech. “I named you ‘Talent’ because I know that you have more talent in your tail then every other dragon has in his whole body! Now, it’s about time you proved it! Everybody at our training camp thinks that I’m the stupidest person to have chosen a runt dragon who can’t fly! Do you really want them to think this way about us?”

He averted his eyes from mine and shook his head, just as I knew he would. I walked up to him silently and said, “Please Talent, I know you can fly, please show everyone that I’m not crazy and that you’re not useless. Prove to them what I already know.”

He looked up to me with teary eyes and slowly nodded his head. I smiled and put my arm on him, knowing that this would take a huge step of courage for my young companion, I walked with him to the bottom of the mask pole. The mast pole is where we have attempted to get him to fly, but he only jumps back to the deck.

Talent looked up to the top of the mast and swallowed. “Come, I will climb with you! Today is the day you fly!” shouted I and I began climbing.

I reached the top and looked down, yelling over the wind, “Talent, give me your paw! I will hoist you onto my shoulders and you can fly from there!”

Talent hesitated only a moment, then I saw him grab every ounce of determination and courage inside of him as he handed me his paw and pulled himself onto my shoulders.

His back paw smashed into my face and his tail twirled around my feet. I braced my knees against his weight and held my breath when I felt his wings open in preparation.

We had been in this same formation dozens of times, I only hoped that it would end with Talent’s beautiful wings soaring through the clouds.

My shoulders began to throb and my knees began sliding down the pole, but I dared not rush Talent,one slight disturbance and we would both be climbing down, or falling.

Just before I was about to lose my grip, I felt all of Talent’s weight bare down on my frame and then disappear as he lept to the sky. I looked up as his wings caught the air and I gave a joyous shout as he flew to the heavens.

“Way to go Talent! I knew you could do it!” I whooped and hollered so much that I nearly fell off of the pole!

All of my noise captured the attention of the crew below me and they all clapped and shouted when they saw my beloved dragon in the air. The captain gave me a thumbs up and a tear slipped down my cheek when the crowd began chanting Talent’s name.

“You did it Talent, you did it.”I whispered and then began laughing as Talent did loopy-loops in the air!


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