Book Review: Rise and Shine by Sandra D. Bricker

Rise and Shine

The Synopsis:

Shannon’s diving accident happened on her honeymoon, and she has been in a coma for nearly ten years. Waking up to the news that she’s thirty years old would have been daunting enough . . . but she also learns that her young groom has recently died. He has provided for her ongoing medical care, and the tiny home they bought but never moved into is still available to her, but nothing else in life is much of a sure thing. Her gorgeous doctor, Daniel Petros, seems to know everything about her and becomes Shannon’s tour guide into a whole new world of madness where reality television has taken over the planet and everyone’s life appears to revolve around a tiny screen on their cell phones!

My Review:

Absolutely hysterical! I previously reviewed another book by Sandra called If the Shoe Fits which was a retelling of Cinderella. Rise and Shine is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and was an amazing one at that! I loved the main characters, Shannon and Daniel, and the story was very well written. Shannon’s personality makes the terrible trauma that she went through easy to read without getting depressed, of course we still care for her, and there are a few emotional scenes, but for the most part, you are laughing.

I loved how Daniel was such an amazing Christian. He thanked God for everything that happened, prayed before every decision, and even prayed with Shannon a few times. Though he wasn’t perfect, he was still a great Christian roll-model.

If you liked If the Shoe Fits, or just funny books, I can almost promise that you will love this book!

*Funny note that only those who have read this will get……: I will forever be calling ipads “menu thingys!”

“I received this book from Moody Publishers for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Rise and Shine by Sandra D. Bricker”

  1. I love funny books, I love fairytale retellings, I love Christian books and I love the premise of this book, so I might just have to check this out. The only thing that I’m worried about is that I might not be able to connect with the main character because she’s way older than me. Then again, I’ve read many classics where almost all of the characters are older than me, but that’s different…Hmmm…I don’t know, but it’s definitely one to keep in mind.

    1. Yes, Shannon is thirty in the book, but you have to remember that the last time that she was awake, she was only 20. She still acts twenty, but her personality makes her seem much younger. Like if I read a snippet about her and had to guess how old she was, I would have put her at about 18. In some books, this particular trait may seem very annoying, but the author did a great job with her and it just seems like, well Shannon! She is still mature, but just so, “adorable”, as Daniel implies more than once 🙂 Daniel I believe is 41, but he is also outgoing and seems to knock about 10 years off as well. So, though they are older, and are in to old tv shows/movies/music/books you really look at them as about their mid-twenties.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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