Blog Recommendation Sunday #7

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You can read #6 HERE

This weeks fantastic blog is Cousins in Christ written by Katie and Anna.

I just recently found their blog and I was very impressed with them. It reminds me a lot of my blog when I was their age, only they have it together better than I did! Katie and Anna take turns posting and it ranges from different books that they are reading to stories that they are writing. Anna does a weekly meme that falls on Wednesdays called, Wednesday Writing, in which she uses senses to describe simple sentences. For better understanding, you must read it for yourself! Katie does a weekly posting that falls on Mondays called, Monday Minute Challenges, in which she writes a short scene to a writing prompt (whether picture or sentence) that she found on another blog. Both of their writings are fantastic and I so enjoy reading them!

Feel free to host this meme on your own blog, all I ask is that you please link back up to me. Also, if you would like to be featured on my blog, drop a comment below with a link to your blog and I will go check it out. Just know that I will only recommend blogs that I personally enjoy and follow(and are preferably Scriptural and encouraging) , so if I am not pleased with your blog or am uncomfortable in recommending it, I probably will not. Thank you so much for understanding and thanks for reading!


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