Top Ten Tuesday


I have never taken part of this meme but it looks like fun, so, I am going to start! This meme is hosted be The Broke and The Bookish.

This week’s top ten is the Top Ten Authors That I Own The Most Of.

So, I know without a doubt that Lauraine Snelling is my top author, I own all of the Dakotah’s Treasures, Red River Vally of the North, Return to Red River, Daughters of Blessing, Home to Blessing, the first two to the Wild West Winds series, and the first book to The Secret Refuge series. All of these add up to 23 books (and counting! There are quite a few that are still on the TBR pile…)!

The rest of the list is very low….I find that I do not own a lot of the same authors…

Martha Finley– I own the first 5 Elsie Dinsmore books. (Which is an excellent series for girls 8-12 years old, possibly older)

John Peterson– I own 5 of The Littles series. (Which is a favorite of my family’s, a good age would be 6-11)

Margaret Henry– I own 5 of this beloved author, including Misty of Chincoteague, King of Wind, Stormy; Misty’s Foal, Misty’s Twilight, and Brighty of the Grand Canyon. (My sister owns the rest of them!!! These are great books for the ages 8-12, possibly older).

Dandi Daley Mackall– I own her Starlight Animal Rescue series which has 4 books. This is kind of a companion series to Winnie the Horse Gentler, as it has a lot of the same characters (Winnie is actually in book 4), good for girls about 8-13, possibly older.

Tracie Peterson– I own the Land of Shinning Waters series, which has 3 books. I reviewed book 3, The Miner’s Lady.

Jen Turano- I own three(A Talent for Trouble, A Match of Wits, and Gentleman of Her Dreams) of the Ladies of Distinction series, one is an ebook. However, she has very quickly become one of my favorite authors, so I will probably be owning more of them soon!!!!

Robin Lee Hatcher– I own book 3 to Where the Heart Lives (Beloved), The Heart’s Pursuit, and Four Weddings and a Kiss (she wrote one of the novellas).

Jill Williamson– I own the first two (Captives and Outcasts) to The Safe Lands, and let me just tell you how much I am waiting for book 3!!!! Comes out August 26 and I cannot wait!!!!! This is a great series for 13-older, however, I do not recommend it to a younger age.

Sandra D. Bricker– I own If the Shoe Fits and Rise and Shine! Both of which made me an instant fan!!! Honestly, if you like a good funny book, then this for you!!!

Who do you own the most books from??? You can answer in comments 🙂


1 thought on “Top Ten Tuesday”

  1. Lauraine Snelling and Tracie Peterson are on my list, too! In fact, Lauraine’s Dakotah Treasures series was one that really got me into Christian Fiction (blame it on my mom, she bought me the first book 🙂 ) Now that I’ve seen other people’s posts, I realize that I forgot a few books for this week, like ones by Laura Ingalls Wilder and some of the Left Behind series.

    I love it that you’ve joined in the TTT fun, Rayleigh! It’s easy to pick and choose which to participate in. Yay for future TTT posts!

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