Youth/Other Review: Thrive by Mark Hall and Tim Luke

Thrive by Mark Hall and Tim Luke

The Synopsis

“You’ve probably heard the words “Live out your faith” dozens, if not hundreds, of times, but what does that phrase really mean? And how do you really follow Jesus in today’s world?

In this student adaptation of his book Thrive, Casting Crowns’ Mark Hall explores exactly what it means when your faith and your life collide, and how you can take the next steps in making that faith real and evident to those around you. Using relatable stories, applications you can use, as well as some life lessons, Hall shows how you can root yourself in the truth and grow strong in your beliefs as you become the person God designed you to be.”

My Review

Let me start by telling you that I really like Casting Crowns and was so very excited when I saw this Student Addition. Not to mention that Thrive is my favorite song by them.

I love the way Mark and Tim wrote this, it is in such an easy format and very easy to understand. At the end of every chapter there is a little box that is titled “Point to Remember”, which summarizes the entire chapter in one sentence. The way that they demonstrated a certain point through personal stories was very intriguing as well. All of the Scripture Verses were taken from the English Standard Version (ESV; Which is the version I prefer) and I really enjoyed reading that too.

I actually requested this book to do a Bible Study with some of the other youth in my youth group. Though I am not completely positive that this will be the book we use in the upcoming month (simply because there are a few other books that we are choosing from), I am sure that this is written perfectly for both in group studies as well as a book that can be read on your own (boy or girl).

To Youth: If you are looking for a devotional that will help you further your relationship with Christ and help you reach out to others to show His love, I highly recommend Thrive to you, you will love it!

To Adults: There is actually an adult edition (which from what I understand, came out before this one) that you may like to read. Though I have not read it for myself, I believe it is roughly the same as this one and that you will more than likely enjoy it. I will post the link to purchase this edition below.

Author Bio/Webite

Mark Hall

(This is the only “About Page” that I could find, aside from Wikipedia, I enjoyed reading it so I think you might 🙂 Also, I couldn’t find anything on Tim Luke, all I know about him is that he is Pastor as well 🙂

What was the first Christian album that you bought or were given?
Mylon Lefevre Trains up in the Sky

What was the most influential person in your life during your High School years?
My Parents: My biggest fans. They always encouraged me in whatever I was doing and believed in me when no one else did.

How hard is it to manage your life on the road vs. your life at home?
Yes. Keeping Family, Church, and Crowns in that order can often be a struggle. There are times it gets a little upside down. We pray for God’s wisdom and direction and try to be more proactive than reactive when it comes to our schedules.

What is the funniest thing that has happened you while on the road with Casting Crowns?
I fell jumping onto the bass riser in a concert and ripped my jeans. Yep – in the front and in the crotch area… So i finished the song out – hunched over like a rap star covering myself. Most people didn’t even realize it. Of course the band did. I’ll never live that one down.

Who is your favorite super hero?
Man… That’s a tough one. Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Batman, Ironman, and Captain America. All for different reasons.

Who is your current favorite musical artist/group? Why?
Switchfoot, Jars of Clay, Third Day, Toby Mac, Lacrae… I’m bad at favorites.

What is a largely unknown skill that one of the other Crowns member that should be shared with everyone?
Melodee can do a trick! I call it the Dead Doll Eyes. You gotta see it!

What is the best advice someone has given you about working with youth groups?
Guard your time with God. Ministry only happens when we walk with Jesus. Otherwise it’s just human effort and it will dry you out.

Who do you enjoy following on Twitter?
@DarthVader 🙂

If you weren’t in Casting Crowns, what would you be doing now?
I would be an astronaut!


Links For Purchase

 Student Edition: Amazon

Adult Edition: Amazon

Christian Books does not sell this book, sorry 🙂


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