A Tot’s Review: My Happy Pumpkin by Chrystal Bowman

My Happy Pumpkin by Chrystal Bowman

The Synopsis:

“Young children delight in picking out and carving their first pumpkins. Now help them learn about God’s love by comparing the experience to God’s choosing us and shaping us to His delight. Just as the candle we put in a pumpkin glows, so does God’s light shine in us.

My Review:

UPS: My Happy Pumpkin is full of colorful pages, fun rhyming sentences that engage youngsters’ attention, and excellent description that is fun to learn. My little brother (aged 2) absolutely loved flipping through the pages and pointing to the little mouse in each page, telling us all about it in his own little language. The way Chrystal used Jack-O-Lanterns (no, she did not use that actual name, she called it simply a pumpkin, but a Jack-O-Lantern is a Jack-O-Lantern despite what you call it) as an illustration to how God chooses us and takes time to perfect us for his enjoyment was very sweet, and the way she worded it was wonderful. Especially tying in that God’s light shines through us as the candle shines through the pumpkin.

DOWNS: However, my family has never participated in anything having to do with Halloween. Not even the church’s version of Halloween that they call “Fall Festival”. We do not believe that Jack-O-Lanterns or anything having to do with Halloween, can help or illustrate anything about our Lord, for the holiday of Halloween celebrates everything God tells us not to do, fear for example. So, though Chrystal did an excellent job in displaying her heart for children and showing God’s love to them through this neat little book, I believe that this book would be better had she chosen to carve the pumpkin into something other than the tell-tale face of a Jack-O-Lantern, like maybe a cross or something that was not originally designed to scare someone. My mom even mentioned that turning the pumpkin into a delicious pumpkin pie would have made this book better.

OVERALL: So, my overall opinion is that, because not all Christian families believe the way mine does, I will still be giving My Happy Pumpkin 4 stars for all of the ups and only taking away 1 star for what my family believes. So, My Happy Pumpkin is rated 4 out of 5 stars, thank you all for reading!

Author Bio/Website

Chrystal Bowman

Crystal Bowman is a former preschool teacher, author, and speaker. She graduated from Calvin College with a degree in elementary education and studied early childhood development at the University of Michigan. Her writing career began in 1990 as a lyricist for children’s piano music. She began writing children’s books in 1993 and has since written more than 70 books for children and 3 for women. She has written books for many popular children’s series, such as Little Blessings, BOZ the Bear, MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), and I Can Read! She has also written two books of humorous poetry for children, three books for women, numerous magazine articles, Bible study materials, and educational resource books. As a speaker, Crystal enjoys sharing her stories and poetry with students in the classroom and also with adults at teachers’ conventions, writers’ conferences, and women’s seminars. “Writing and speaking can be intimidating because in order to connect with your audience you need to be personal and transparent, exposing what’s in your heart and soul. But when readers or conference attendees respond positively to something I’ve said or written, it is humbling and rewarding all at the same time!” Crystal and her husband, Bob, have enjoyed 38 years of marriage and are the parents of 3 grown children and 1 grandchild. They live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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