Ice Bucket Challenge

I am sure many of you know about the Ice Bucket Challenge that has been going around for about two years now (It has really taken off just in the last two months) that helps raise awareness about ALS. In case that you do not know what in the world I am talking about, I suggest clicking the link below and watching the video before continuing with this post. If you do know what the Ice Bucket Challenge is and would like to know how it got started and everything, then you will probably like this video as well 🙂


So, now that you have watched the above video, I am pretty sure that you know where the rest of this post is going! Yes, I took the Ice Bucket Challenge, no I cannot post the video 😦 WordPress won’t allow me to upload that particular file, but if you are just dying to see me and a few from my youth group (Genuine Youth) get ice water dumped on us then drop a comment below with your email and I will send you the video personally!

Also, in the video, I challenged all of my faithful followers here on my blog! So if you follow my blog, then you are officially challenged to take the Ice Bucket Challenge within the next 24 hours (of reading this post 😉  ). I was told that I had to actually say someone’s name as well, so Caleb Cowgill was that lucky person because I know that he doesn’t follow my blog 😉 (Marleigh please inform your brother!!!)

Also, Maggie challenged our dear grandma (Melba Weaver) and Hallie Sadler. The others that were specifically challenged that follow my blog are, Megan and Mikayla Burks, Payton Sadler, and Pastor Josh and Alyssa (and Eden and Samuel) Engebretson. I can’t wait to watch the videos!!!!

*My email is ragdogs@hotmail.com*


I love hearing from you! Comment below to tell me what you think!

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