Good Reads…..Best Thing Ever!

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If you read as much as I do, then your TBR (To Be Read) Pile never stops growing and you will NEVER reach the bottom of it, no matter how many books you read from it. If you read 10, then you’ll find 50 more to replace those…. I typically keep all of the books written down in a designated notebook, but after filling too many up and forgetting where I put the notebook for “later inspection”….Well, I run into a dilemma.

I had run across Good Reads a few times before, but that was just for reading a review or the synopsis of a book. I decided to sign onto it and let me tell you how absolutely amazing it has been! All of my TBRs are on one list (a currently small list that I started once getting on Good Reads….I haven’t had time to transfer all of my notebooks…That should be a lovely task….) and I can keep track of the books that I have read and what I am currently reading. I also post all of my book reviews there as well.

You can also friend people (and authors!) to see what your friends have/want to read, read their reviews, recommend books to them, and send personal messages! Also, you have to accept friend requests so you don’t have a bunch of “friends” that you’ve never even heard about. There are also quite a bit of other activities, like writing prompts/contests, book surveys, book giveaways, things like that.

So, after my lovely praise of this website (as well as app!) I hope that all of you bookworms will heed my advice of getting an account! Even if you only get one to keep track of your TBR Pile!

*Please keep in mind that this is not a Christian account, this website has just about every book that was ever written in every format and language, so, if you do search, you might want to make sure you write the title as well as the author so you will go straight to the book you are looking for 🙂

If you are interested in reading my reviews, looking through my book lists, or anything else, my username is “Rayleigh” and my bio pic is the same as my bio pic here 🙂

Well, that is all I wanted to say! So have a Good *Reads* Day! Okay so that was totally lame…..


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