100 for 100: End of Week 1


So, as I mentioned last week, I am participating in Go Teen Writers 100 for 100 Contest, if you are just catching up with me here, then you may go to this post to find out what is going on.

My writing this past week, was well, let’s just leave it at the fact that I am not pleased with it. I started off strong on Monday, writing almost 700 words (I write by hand in a notebook, so, it takes me a bit longer to get as many words as someone who is typing) in 2 hours. But as the week went on, I pretty much barely made my 100 words, and skipped Thursday. So this week’s overall word count is 1670 words on my story The Doors of the Kingdoms.

However, I had a beyond brilliant idea for a story on Friday (yes…..I have been known to get carried away with these…), which is what lessened my enthusiasm for The Doors. The Doors is still what I will be working on for the 100 for 100 Contest because I already entered that one in, but, this new idea, had almost 2000 words added Friday night…..So…..we’ll see how this goes :-/

I realized as I was typing this, that I have never posted anything about The Doors, so I decided that for the next however many weeks this contest is, I will post something about my story as an “extra”. This week, I decided on *some of* the Prologue! Enjoy!

I walked quietly down to the dungeon with Bekah on my heels. I had tried everything within my power to make her stay at the castle, but she never listens to me, not when her health is involved anyways. So here we were, trying to be confident as we entered the habitat of criminals.

At the bottom of the staircase, with a single lantern for light, we pushed through the huge, squeaky iron gate, of which on the other side stood two very large guards, fully armed. As we approached, I discreetly handed Bekah the lantern and rested my hand onto the hilt of my sword. Should a fight break out, Bekah’s life came before mine.

“Who are you and what do you want?” The guard to my left asked in a huge voice of authority. His eyes narrowed as he looked at me and I swallowed before speaking.

“I am Sir Aldric, this is my companion, Her Highness Princess Bekah. We wish to speak with the traitor, Bardawulf, and inquire of his schemes.” Though I may have sounded confident, I was really terrified and was certain that the guard heard my heart pounding.

The guard who had spoken looked to Bekah then back to me. “You may enter.” He said, then motioned to the silent guard to open the gate. We nodded our appreciation and went through the second gate.



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