An Other Review: Be Rebellious by Megan Clinton with Laura Captari

Be Rebellious by Megan Clinton

The Synopsis:

What if we were created for more than just “fitting in” to the culture around us? What if we were meant to change our world?

Many of us have been tricked into believing that life is all about starving ourselves into a size 0, wearing sexy clothes, and snagging a hot guy. We measure our worth by the number of followers on social media or “likes” on out digitally enhanced selfies.

We may think we are rebelling by breaking the rules of our parents’ generation-but reality is, we’re slaves to our culture, desperate to fit in. But we don’t have to live this way. We have a choice.

Do you want to make a difference in this world? Then take your life and heart back from a culture that doesn’t care about you! Grab hold of the truth that your value isn’t based on your relationship status or dress size-it’s based on who you are.

My Review:

MY GENERAL THOUGHTS: Be rebellious is an excellent devotion for young ladies! Megan Clinton uses life stories to illustrate her points, Bible verses that are excellent for memorizing and great little quotes on almost every page. The layout is wonderful, the chapters not overwhelming, and I love how it is written.

QUESTIONABLE CONTENT: Megan is very straightforward when she writes, therefore, she doesn’t beat around the bush when speaking of teen sex and why it should be avoided. Also, some of the stories she uses include suicides, eating disorders, and bullying. Because of these, I really think that the age for reading is really anyone older than 13. However, if you have a daughter/granddaughter/niece who is younger and dealing with some (or all) of these issues, I do recommend reading the book with her, so that she will have someone with her if she has any questions 🙂

OVERALL OPINION: I rate Be Rebellious 5 out of 5 stars and it is highly recommended!

“I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”

Author Bio/ Website:

Megan Clinton (and hubbie)

Megan Clinton (now Megan Clinton Allison) graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Pre-Med/Biology and is currently attending Physician Assistant (PA) School at Jefferson College of Health Sciences. As part of the Extraordinary Women travel team with her mom, Julie Clinton, Megan has a passion to see young women find their identity in Christ, be set free, and live God’s dream for their lives. In addition, she is excited to be equipped as a PA to provide medical care to those in need through international mission work. Megan is the author of Totally God’s (with her dad, Dr. Tim Clinton), Totally God’s 4 Life Devotional, and Smart Girls, Smart Choices: Avoiding the 10 Biggest Mistakes Young Women Make (with Laura Captari). Megan was recently married to the love of her life and high-school sweetheart, Ben. They have a teacup Yorkie named Bella.

Her website is- MeganClinton.com

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