Left Behind; Whether or Not You Will Like It Depends On……

Left BehindI am going to go ahead and say that I LOVED this movie! But why I loved this movie is because I did not have anything to compare it to, as I have not yet been able to watch the originals(with Kirk Cameron), nor have I had the chance to read the book. So, of course I enjoyed this movie immensely (and just as a personal thought here, I think this movie should have been rated just PG instead of it’s current rating of PG-13; simply because the violence was not PG-13 quality nor was there a single cuss/swear word in the entire movie! There was not even a couple who kissed so therefore no sexual content either. I have no idea why it is rated PG-13…..Like…I have seen some G rated movies that were far worse than this.)

However, those who have seen the originals or read the book, I am afraid that you may be disappointed in Nicolas Cage’s remake, as my sister was (she read the book) and my parents were (they watched the originals). Of course they still enjoyed watching this and liked a few parts better than the originals, but Kirk Cameron was closer to the book than Nicolas Cage and was more spiritually correct. As for whether or not Nicolas Cage was spiritually correct, is open for debate. *The following paragraph(and only the one) has some small spoilers.*

For instance, all children in the world are taken up in the Rapture whether they have chosen to follow Christ or not. This is often debated amongst Christians as to whether or not there is an age of accountability for being taken to Heaven, as Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not forbid them, for such is the kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 19:14) Does this mean that all children go to Heaven? As I said, this is often debated amongst Christians, but no one will know until they are in Heaven.

The above paragraph is really all that stood out to me as far as being spiritually questionable other than them leaving out some critical information concerning when Jesus returns, like the Anti-Christ for example. But Overall, I encourage you to watch Left Behind with Nicolas Cage as it was a very well made movie and I do believe you will enjoy it!

If you do want my opinion of what a good age to watch this is, I would say older than 11 or 12 depending on what the individual child is accustomed to watching. There is violence however not too much blood, and if it does show blood then it is a very brief view (like maybe 2 or 3 seconds long) and not very much . There is a lot of suspense though and some of the actions from the civilians during their panic will cause you to hold your breathe.

Thank you all for stopping by and if you have seen the movie and noticed something that I missed, please feel free to let me know below in the comments!


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