Movies That I Am Looking Forward to Watching!

When I went with my church yesterday to watch Left Behind, there were several movie trailers that grabbed my attention and made me want to see the movie when it comes out. Please beware that some of these trailers may not be suitable for very young children; I would tell you what every movie is rated, but some of the ratings haven’t been announced yet :-/

Big Hero 6-Cartoon-Rated PG 

Exodus; Gods and Kings-Not yet rated but my guess is probably PG-13; maybe even R but I don’t think that is too much of an option.

Unbroken-Not yet rated but my guess is probably PG-13; I don’t think R is a possibility but I haven’t seen the movie:-) 

The Giver-Rated PG-13; I know this is out right now, but I haven’t seen it yet so it definitely goes on the list!

I’m sure I forgot a few, but hey, these will do! Are any of you interested in these?


5 thoughts on “Movies That I Am Looking Forward to Watching!”

  1. I really need to see Unbroken, as long as it isn’t rated R and my parents are okay with me seeing it. There was a little bit of iffy subject matter in the book, but I thought it was amazing! My dad actually recommended it to me, and it quickly became one of my favorite nonfiction books. It was so amazing to read about what Louie went through and how he became a Christian. I also loved how it read just like a fiction book. Yea…the bottom line is that I LOVE THIS BOOK AND I HOPE THE MOVIE DOES IT JUSTICE!

    1. Oh wow I didn’t realize that it was based off of a book….I knew it was a true story but I didn’t know it was a book…I will have to find the book! Thanks for commenting!

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