Because of My Note-booking……

I am addicted to lists. And because of this, I have way too many notebooks full of these (actually, you can NEVER have too many notebooks in my opinion, but according to a “normal person”, I have too many). One of my lists was started in December of 2013 and I still add to it, almost daily. What is this list you ask? Well, guess. No it is not a list of my ever growing sock collection, nor is it a list of who all I text during the day (both of which would be fascinating, but tiring). Yes, you guessed it, my list is of books! But not just any books, this particular list consists of books that I either received for the purpose of review or bought for myself in the year 2014 (yes I started the list in December of 2013, but it was like the last day of December, and I didn’t add any books until the first of January, so….yea. 2014). Looking at this list today, I realized that I have gotten 109 books in the year 2014 (I still expect to receive at least 3 or 4 more for review before the month is over and of course there is Christmas to consider…*sly grin*)! Only 20 of these books were ones that I bought myself (or received as a present from someone) so that means that I reviewed 89 books just this year! That is quite an achievement! I am not posting this as bragging, I am simply sharing my accomplishments as a Book Reviewer with all of you who appreciate my reviews. After-all, I couldn’t have become a reviewer without all of my faithful followers! So, below are some interesting stats that were discovered as I looked through my million notebooks!

I began reviewing books in June/July of 2012 and since then I have reviewed 108 books from over 10 different publishers. I have personally spoken with (through email or letter) 3 authors on behalf of my reviewing their book and 2 authors voluntarily sent me an autographed copy (which completely made my day might I add!)! 2 publicists reached out to me through email and asked if I was interested in reviewing a certain book for them, though I had never been by their publishing website. And I have had at least one (that I know of) review that was a featured review on Amazon! I would like to honor these books, authors, and publishers by announcing them and of course telling why they are being announced 😉

The first book that I ever reviewed was: Renegade by Mel Odom

Renegade by Mel OdomNot the type of book you would imagine a 14 year old young lady choosing for her first book, but the storyline intrigued me and now this book is still one of my favorites. I am still waiting for the next book to come out though 😦

The 100th book that I reviewed was: Love Finds Faith by Martha Rogers

Love finds faithMartha Rogers has the most beautiful covers that I have ever seen! They are the kind that I want on display 24/7!

The first author that reached out to me, thanking me for reviewing her book by writing me a small letter was: Chelsea Jacobs, author of Happy to Be Alive, Because

Happy to be alive

I was so excited to receive the letter from Chelsea and even more excited after I read her amazing book. Such a sweet book that reminds us to be happy with what we have!

The 2 authors that sent me autographed books definitely deserve a shout-out!

Cheryl Colwell, author of The Proof

The ProofThis is an AMAZING BOOK that fans of National Treasure HAVE TO READ! After I finished reading it, I suddenly remembered that it was autographed and, well, lets just leave it at the fact that I was pretty happy 🙂 I actually expect Cheryl’s newest book to arrive towards the end of December or early January!

NLB Horton, author of several books, including the book I reviewed The Brothers’ Keepers

The Brother's Keeper

However, this was not the book that I received autographed. You see, if you remember reading my review for The Brothers’ Keepers, you may remember that I was extremely confused during the storyline because I hadn’t realized that it was book 2 in a series. After-all, there was nothing on the book that told me it was book 2. But then the author stopped by my blog and enlightened me of my mistake and also informed me that her publisher was giving away free eBook copies of the first book in the series, When Camels Fly, to bloggers. I respectfully declined due to the fact that I honestly cannot stand eBooks and informed her that I would most definitely buy a physical copy should I come across one. The conversation is still in the comments of the review if you would like to know everything that was said 😉 Anyways, a few days ago, I received an autographed copy of When Camels Fly that totally brightened my day! I have already begun reading it and can hardly put it down, it’s amazing what can happen when you read a series in order! Having said that, I will probably be re-reading The Brothers’ Keepers and re-writing the review.

The 2 publicists that reached out to me for book reviews were: Sara Pence about reviewing A.D 30 by Ted Dekker and Tiffany Ballard about reviewing Motherless by Erin Healy, which I have yet to finish and review…I thank both of these ladies for contacting me and hope that they are pleased with my reviews.

A.D 30 by Ted Dekker


And last but not least, the review that was featured on Amazon (the one that I know of)  was my review of…..I can’t remember lol! And I really don’t have the time to go searching all of my reviews, so I’m just going to leave it at that. But I do know that it was a book that was recently reviewed and that I loved the book!

Thank you all for reading this and please help support these authors and publishers by leaving a review on Amazon if you have read the book or buy one of the books for a book-lover, it’s the perfect season for doing so! Merry Christmas everyone and I pray you have a great one!


7 thoughts on “Because of My Note-booking……”

  1. I agree that no one can ever have too many notebooks! I have so many of them that I am both presently writing in, and have written in when I was little. It’s so fun to both write in notebooks and look back at old ones.

    Wow! It’s amazing how many books you’ve reviewed. Great job!

  2. Rayleigh Ann, I hope that you let me know what you think of Book 1, WHEN CAMELS FLY (WCF). Or review it once you get a sense of the entire storyline. And I emailed the cover designer today to add “Book 2 of the Parched series” to the back cover of THE BROTHERS’ KEEPERS (TBK), so your confusion was not in vain. I’d also love to know your thoughts about TBK once you have the perspective of WCF.

    Merry Christmas!

    1. I will certainly do so!
      And I am honored that you added that because of me! I definitely had not expected you to do anything like that because of my review. It’s nice to know that not only other readers read my reviews, but also the authors. It makes me feel very important 😉

      Merry Christmas to you as well and I look forward to finishing your series!

      1. And I look forward to hearing from you, Rayleigh Ann! I think young women can really get behind the Madison family and their friends, most especially Maggie. I’ll be curious to read your thoughts.

        BTW, I think committed authors DO listen when they have the chance. I learn from almost every review, and try to spot trends. I look for characteristics that my readers like (such as Grace Madison’s sense of humor) or relationships that they can relate to (such as between mother Grace and daughter Maggie). By paying attention to comments, I subconsciously refine what I’m working on (Book 3 now). So thank YOU for making them better.

        Best to you,

        1. I will be sure to let you know!

          That is good to know! Also a good mental tip for me should I actually get a book published in the future *fingers crossed*. Again thank you for stopping by and I can honestly say (now that I am almost finished with When Camels Fly) that I look forward to to re-reading The Brothers’ Keepers and hopefully finish the series!

          Have a fantabulous Christmas and happy new year!

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