Bonus Review: When Camels Fly by NLB Horton

When Camels Fly

The Synopsis:

A mother’s fatal shot. A daughter’s deadly choice.

In Israel, archaeologist Grace Madison shoots her daughter’s abductor. Seconds later, a handsome shepherd drops from the sky to kill a second assassin. Their world crumbles in two blinks of an eye.

Unbeknownst to them, a fierce evil is destroying everything in its path—the unconventional path Grace and Maggie, a hydrologist, take as they struggle to right a wrong as old as time. But they soon discover time is running out. A vortex of intrigue and espionage threatens to sweep away everything and everyone they hold dear, extinguishing old flames even as it ignites new loves.

When the scale tips precariously toward disaster in the Middle East and beyond, family and friends with secrets of their own are exposed and millions of lives hang in the balance. Mother and daughter realize nothing is as it seems.

Even each other.

Because choosing what’s right is all that’s left.

My Review:

When Camels Fly was a fabulous book! Had I not picked it up during the holiday season, I’m sure I’d have finished it much quicker than I did. I loved getting to know the characters and traveling across the Middle East with them. The novel was written perfectly, with enough suspense to keep you reading, but completely leaving out all of the “questionable content” that most suspense authors think have to be in their book. There were absolutely no sexual scenes, no language (not even taking God’s name in vain), and the action was hardly detailed at all (but enough to still give you the “thrill” of reading suspense). The characters were, for the most part, all Christians and portrayed it, but, they we not the “perfect Christians” that you tend to find in Historical Fiction. These characters messed up, asked God to forgive them, and then tried to do better, only to do worse, and I liked that about them. They seemed more real. I also enjoyed the simple family quarreling and the siblings picking on each other even adulthood, it lightened up the book!

I look forward to re-reading The Brothers’ Keepers now that I am familiar with the characters and their pasts and can almost promise that I will be finishing the series as they are published!

“I received this book directly from the author of her own accord, of which she also autographed(!). All comments and opinions are entirely my own.”

Author Bio:

NHorton-271After an award-winning detour through marketing and a master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, NLBHorton began writing at the crossroads of faith and espionage. She has surveyed archaeological digs under heavy artillery fire from Syria and Lebanon, explored Machu Picchu after training with a shaman, and consumed tea on five continents.

A member of the venerable Explorers Club and mother of two adult children (the activities are related), she lives atop a Rocky Mountain with her husband of thirty years. She’s passionate about her faith, archaeology, women’s issues, and the environment. She’s also a world-class angler, competent wing-shooter, and dirt-encrusted gardener.

When Camels Fly and The Brothers’ Keepers are available on Amazon.

She is represented by Mary G. Keeley at Books & Such Literary Agency.

Link for Purchase:



11 thoughts on “Bonus Review: When Camels Fly by NLB Horton”

  1. Rayleigh Ann! I have been watching for your thoughts about WHEN CAMELS FLY and am delighted you enjoyed it. I’ll also be interested in your thoughts of THE BROTHERS’ KEEPERS if you reconsider that book. I think you’ll find that it’s a whole new world having started with WCF.

    I hope that your holidays were lovely, and that you have the chance to review WCF on Amazon and Goodreads. Yours is an interesting perspective, and being able to follow someone who read the second book first, then went back and read in order, is valuable to me as an author.

    My best to you!

    1. Yes I do intend on reading The Brothers’ Keepers’ once again just as soon as my life calms down and I have the time. Such a great story! I learned my lesson on researching, at least a little, before reading a book so as to avoid confusion!

      My holidays were wonderful! Lots of fun with family and friends! And I hope yours were:-)
      I did post my review on GoodReads and LibraryThing, and I think I did on Amazon, but that might have been something else, I can never keep up with them 🙂 I’m glad you liked my review and I hope to review TBK soon! Thanks for stopping by (again!) and I hope to say in touch with you in the future 🙂

      Have a wonderful day,

      1. Thanks for the update, Rayleigh Ann! Glad to read that your holidays were wonderful, as were ours. We have very heavy early season snow here, but the skiing has been fabulous.

        Regarding the reviews, sometimes Amazon, Goodreads, and LibraryThing don’t post instantly, so that might explain why I can’t find them. But I’ll keep checking. And I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to post your reviews on these sites: they make all the difference in an author’s success.

        Stay in touch!

        1. Aaa snow, so foreign here 😦 Hopefully we will have at least a little before the spring….

          Oh I didn’t realize that you were looking for the reviews, they are probably under the name “ragdogs” or “ragdogs14” as I don’t put my real name on any other site than here.

          You are very welcome! I enjoy reviewing different books!

          1. Rayleigh Ann, I ALWAYS look for reviews! It’s the hard work for an author! And I remember the rare snow days in Texas, which really were more like ICE days. The reviews aren’t up yet, but it will probably just take a little time. And you’re very wise to post under an assumed name: keep being smart!


            1. Yes, ice is more common than snow….last year we had close to a foot of ice on the first day of Spring! Go figure….

              Thank you, I owe that bit of wisdom to my parents 😉

                1. No, pretty much all of wisdom is from them, and what’s not is from grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle and the list goes on! If even one of them was gone, I would be an entirely different person!

  2. Hey, Rayleigh Ann! I hope you are doing well in January 2015! We’re very snowy in the mountains, but for everything, there is a season, right? I have exciting news: When Camels Fly will be featured on BookBub February 12. Since the site rejects more than 90 percent of submissions, I’m honored that the book is included. To prepare for the promotions that will follow, I’m contacting the few bloggers whose reviews never migrated to Amazon, and asking that they post their review there. When February 12 arrives, every single review will be extremely important. If you have a moment, please post your lovely comments there. And I hope that 2015 is full of great reading for you! Best to you, my dear! NLBH

    1. I am doing great! You are so lucky to have snow! Its been in high 60s to low 70s all week here:-( I mean its been beautiful, but its January, we would really like some snow! I have never heard of BookBub but that is awesome that When Camels Fly is going to be featured! I would be happy to post my review on Amazon!
      Have a fantastic day!

      1. BookBub is a big deal, Rayleigh. Your review of When Camels Fly on Amazon will really support the book when people click on the link in the email from BookBub, and investigate to see if they want to purchase the book.

        As to the snow, it is a blessing. Not only now, but because the snow pack is our major source of water in the summer and fall. Texas sits atop that huge aquifer, so your water supply is more or less secure. And I am an avid fly fisherman, so I look at winter snow as good water for trout I want to catch well into October.

        Thanks for your kind help by posting the review on Amazon, and I hope your new year is going well!


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