2014 in Review

I did a pretty terrible job at blogging, like truly heart-felt blogging, in 2014 and I am kind of disappointed in myself. The name of my blog is Accelerate The Jesus Movement, not Accelerate The Book Reviews. Sure, my book reviews have helped a lot of people in keeping their reading pure and away from filth, but that is not what my goal was with Accelerate The Jesus Movement. My goal was to share my heart, writings, special verses, and uplifting posts with the world.

Book reviews have been a blessing to me in many ways, I have gotten to converse with authors and publicists, I am familiar with many genres, my editing skills have increased dramatically, and I know exactly what to look for in a future publisher for my books. But, I’m afraid that in progressing in this area, I lost sight of my real goals.

I am not here to tell you that I am stopping all book reviews, but I am trying to cut back so that I will not have like 7 reviews a week,cause I mean that is pretty ridiculous. Now, this is going to take a little while to dwindle down, as I currently have close to 30 or 40 coming through March and April, but I haven’t been requesting any books the past two months, so hopefully they will pretty much stop after April and I can start over with just a few.

I intend on writing more encouraging posts to teens as I did in the past, keeping weekly updates on my writing progress and giving some writing tips that I have found helpful, writing more Chess stories for all of you fans who have been badgering me about them 😉 , and just enjoying blogging. So I hope you will join me in 2015 for advice and information on Accelerate(ing) The Jesus Movement!

Just a little side-note, I recently had a “duh” moment. I’ve complained a lot, mainly to friends and family, that I have a really hard time finishing a story that is intended to be “long”. This is because I lose interest in the plot about halfway through and no matter how hard I try, I just cannot find anyway to rekindle the passion for that particular story. Well, my Chess stories are really just different “episodes” of one long story that I started on June 21 of 2013 (wow, has it really been that long?!) and well, obviously, I have yet to lose interest in it! So my “duh” moment, was to give Chess his very own book! Which is coming along perfectly might I add, as I started Friday (4 days ago) and already have 5 chapters written that still make me laugh as I read them! I am, honestly, quite confident that I will have it finished and about the size of a Hank the Cowdog (I’m aiming for slightly bigger) book before the month is over! I will keep you updated as the weeks progress and will hopefully have Chess his very own book, finished and edited before his second anniversary!

(If you are clueless as too who Chess is, I suggest going to this post for all of his stories, but I am going to give a direct link to his two most popular, Chess and the Fluffy White Ball and Chess and The Overdose of Coffee! )

Okay, now! Join me in 2015 for a progressive and entertaining year! And remember that if you follow by email, you will get all of my new posts directly to your inbox!


4 thoughts on “2014 in Review”

  1. Happy New Year! I’ve definitely appreciated your book reviews over the past couple of months since I found your blog, but I’m very excited about seeing some other things this year. 🙂

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