A Youth/Youngster Review: Two Renegade Realms by Donita K. Paul (Realm Walkers #2)

Two Renegade Realms

The Synopsis:

In book two of the Realm Walkers Series, Cantor, Bixby, and Dukmee must band together to find the storied realm walker Chomountain after the devastating attack by the corrupt Realm Walkers Guild. But what they discover while traveling turns their mission upside down and they must now find a way to restore Chomountain.

My Review:

This book was so much better than the first one! The characters were more believable in their actions and the plot was more engaging. I was pleased to see some action in this book, however mild it may have been, and I do look forward to finishing the series. I also loved the spiritual examples that I saw throughout the book, very inspiring:-)  However, this book seemed to move both too fast and too slow at the same time…and that is not necessarily a ‘good’ thing or ‘bad’ thing. It moved too fast, in the scenes that were short and choppy where it seemed like the author was in a hurry to get to the next scene, making them seem unfinished.The ways that Two Renegade Realms was too slow were in the story, on how it kept dragging out and the characters kept finding more pieces to the puzzle before they could put them together, and the pieces were acquired too easily. I would have preferred to see either a considerable amount of more action or some explanations to certain “pieces of the puzzle”, so to speak. Even with all of the above, I still enjoyed this read and rate it 4 out of 5 stars, but I am warning older teens, like 15 and up, this might not be for you as the action is not “upper teen” worthy.

A Quick Tip to the Author: Another thing that might have made the story pick up speed, would be if you showed us the story rather than telling it and had had some more dialogue between the characters and less self examination.

“I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”

Author Bio:

Donita K. Paul

Donita K. Paul

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I am an author of Christian Fantasy. My first 7 books were Christian Romance, but I came over to the Dark Side when I heard there were cookies.

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2 thoughts on “A Youth/Youngster Review: Two Renegade Realms by Donita K. Paul (Realm Walkers #2)”

    1. Its a good series and I’m sure anyone reading will enjoy every one of the characters (especially Bridger). Only thing is that the action is not what I would call “teen” unless for younger readers. But I really did enjoy reading these and I really look forward to finishing the series:-) I recommend you reading it, it won’t be a waste of time!

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