Tot’s Review: Operation Bumpkin Birthday by Petrina Khashoggi (Illustrated by Michael Graham)

Operation Bumpkin Birthday

The Synopsis:

It’s not easy being a rat. Three brothers, Snitch, Snatch, and Sketch, are tired of scavenging for scraps of food down in the subway where they live. One night, they go on an adventure through the city so that they will never go hungry again. After arriving at a large house, they discover that the next day, a children’s birthday party is planned for young Horatio Bumpkin. The brothers hatch a clever plot to break into the house during the festivities and steal as much food as possible-without getting caught. But one greedy brother spoils the plan with a plan of his own…

My Review:

Operation Bumpkin Birthday is a cute little book that has beautiful illustrations! The pictures are crisp and defined, sure to capture the attention of any young child who enjoys looking at pictures (as was with my little brother aged 2!). The story was well written and engaging and I loved all of the rats’ names! The moral of the story, however, was portrayed kind of shakily. I got the moral, which I assume to be “do not be greedy”, but it was interesting how the author showed this. It wasn’t necessarily in a bad way, but I do think the author could have re-worded the end in some way, to not make the two other brothers seem so mean, although, the way she ended it, did show that there are consequences to being greedy. So on that thought the end was done well 🙂

There is only one thing that parents may not like in this book for tot’s (2-4). One of the rats gets it’s tail cut off and though their is no blood or anything, but, there is a picture with a giant knife slicing off the tail of the rat and then there are a couple of pictures with the tailless rat. This personally did not bother me, but I know that many parents may find this disturbing so I figured that I would mention it.

All in all a great little book that I rate 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for it’s pictures especially!

“I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”

Author Bio:

Petrina Khashoggi

British-American author Petrina Khashoggi lives in Los Angeles with her beloved dog, Humphrey.

She writes for newspapers and magazines, and is currently working on a novel and screenplay.

Petrina has worked as a fashion model, a TV host, an art dealer and a teacher.

Her favorite author while she was growing up was Roald Dahl, whose writing influenced her style for Operation Bumpkin Birthday.

Link for Purchase:

Full Cycle Publications

(This book is not available to purchase through Amazon)


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