Writing Tip #2- Get a Music Playlist!

I had often heard from lots of other writers, young and old, experienced and non, say that certain kinds of music REALLY helped their writing process. But, I had always kept the radio playing (89.5 KVNE) and it never really “helped” me with my writing, so I blew it off thinking that music only helped certain people. But boy was I wrong!

Music and writing are like popcorn and soda, where music is the soda and writing is the popcorn. You can totally drink a soda without saying “Oh, I really wish that I had some popcorn right about now!” And in the same way you can listen to music without thinking, “Oh, I really wish I was working on my writing!”. Of course, its not weird if you have a strange craving for popcorn when you go to drink a soda and therefore it’s not weird to want to sit down and write whenever you hear a good beat. But, it typically doesn’t happen often.

Now, how many of us try to eat popcorn at the movies without a drink? Oh you can do it, but the popcorn gets awful dry without that Coke to wash it down, plus you normally drink about a gallon of water as soon as the movie is over and have lots of people mad at you because you’re hogging the water fountain…. Same thing with music and writing. You’re writing is great without music, but after a while it may tend to get dry. Music is the perfect thing to get it wet again! The trick is:

Get a Music Playlist that you will never get tired of and turn it on EVERY time you go to write!

Now, this may or may not mean the same songs, same artists, or even same genre. Like I’ve said so many times, every writer is different and therefore will have their own playlist that shuffles their own kind of “soda”. But, this doesn’t mean that we, as fellow writers, cannot suggest different music:-) In fact, one of the best ways to discovering a good music playlist is to ask other writers what best helps them. So below, you will read the secret formula to my success! lol

[Josh Vietti + Bond + Escala + (Many, many more)] = Josh Vietti Radio on iHeart = Mt. Dew!

Explaining the above equation is very simple. Everything that we are adding into the formula is a single artist or a band that I listen to like an addict…literally…..all day long these artists are playing! Josh Vietti happens to be my very favorite so I listen to “Josh Vietti Radio” on the radio app called iHeart Radio. If you’ve never heard of it, then you should look it up because it is so awesome! Josh Vietti Radio on iHeart then reduces down to Mt. Dew, which is my favorite soda….like that is monstrous understatement!

My writing music is 99.999999% Pop Violin instrumentals…That means that every stinking song I listen too has a Pop beat and a Violin solo. EVERY SONG! I drive my family crazy! But, I honestly write sooooo much better when I have that music playing through my headphones!

Now, I don’t only listen to instrumentals, I tend to shuffle my playlist on my phone, which gets all kinds of songs in there, ranging from No Chains on Me (Chris Tomlin) to What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction….but you all knew that 😉 to Great I Am (Hillsong) to Counting Stars (One Republic…but I listen to the Hunter Hayes Version 🙂 and so on….

So, looking at this writing tip in review, find a playlist that best suits you and write with it! It’s not a hard feat to accomplish, but it truly makes a difference!

What is your soda? Or are still having trouble finding that perfect playlist?


4 thoughts on “Writing Tip #2- Get a Music Playlist!”

  1. I don’t have a specific writing playlist, but I do listen to music sometimes when I write. I just kind of go with the flow with my music choices. Usually I’ll end up listening to epic movie soundtracks from movies like The Hobbit, LOTR and The Chronicles of Narnia, and Christian contemporary songs from artists like Jamie Grace.

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