Bonus Review: City of the Fallen Sky by Joseph Evans


     This book has all kinds of emotions reeling in me. One side of me absolutely loved this book, as I couldn’t put it down for the better part of a week. But another side of me was deeply disappointed, and confused, with the messages that the author portrayed in his story. 
    The side of me that loved the story, loved it because it was just plain fabulous! An energetic, suspenseful, Dystopian, Sci-Fi, read that I haven’t experienced since reading the first book in The Safe Lands series! The characters were so realistic and well made that I could see and hear each and every one of them in consistency. The atmosphere I felt easily without being bogged down with useless describing words and the plot was only slightly predictable, I was still surprised at a lot of the storyline. Evans’ has a wonderful writing style that I immediately liked and anxiously look forward to reading more of.
    However, that is where my love of the book comes to an end, for though that may seem like a completely positive review, I did have a BIG problem with the underlined messages this author placed in his story. But, I was not displeased with ALL of his messages.
    For example, Seckry’s love for Eyia was based solely on respect, friendship,  and Biblical love to a friend that developed into a much deeper friendship. There was no physical desire or constant kissing as in most YA novels, and I found this to be refreshing in so many ways. Though, this does not mean that there was not any sexual content, there were a lot of sexual “comments” and quite a bit of kissing from other characters.
    What confuses me about the author’s morals however, is that he seems to be getting these morals from out of nowhere. The world, obviously, is all for sexuality, profanity, physical violence, etc…but Evans clearly showed all of this to be wrong in his fictional world’s morality. He even set up a “religion” that seemed an awful lot like Christianity to me, with Gedin (God) sending His son Seckraman (Jesus) to save the world from destruction. Being a Christian myself, I began getting excited as I read this and wondered how the author would tie in the Gospel to the otherwise satisfying YA book.
    However, as I flipped through the last chapters, my heart broke at what I read, this wonderful author had used his profound gift of writing to state that Jesus had never come and that He is only a myth. He even made the point of making Christians look completely and utterly stupid.
    This is why I am confused about where this author gets his morals, because he cannot get them from the world, and clearly from the messages he revealed in his book, He doesn’t get them from Jesus’ teaching in the Bible either.
     Part of me wants to believe that maybe the author will somehow, in the rest of the series, redeem what he said in this book, that maybe he shows that the characters were mistaken. But I am not holding my breath.
    All in all, I can only bring myself to rate City of the Fallen Sky 2 and a half stars (3 on sites who don’t except halves) out of 5 stars. For though I absolutely loved the story, I was not pleased with the messages that read, clearly, in between the lines.
    I am going to say however, that I will more than likely be finishing the series should they show up at my library or are suddenly free on kindle (as was with this book). But I don’t believe that I will be sending any monetary support to this author by buying his book.


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