Book Review: Adrianna’s Secrets by Cheryl Colwell

Adriana's Secret

The Synopsis:

An historical, romantic suspense novel, Adriana’s Secrets, Book Two in The Secrets of the Montebellis Series, travels back to Lisa Richardson’s great-grandmother’s time and fills in the exciting stories alluded to in Book One.

Tragedy strikes the mountain town of Mont Castello, the home of Adriana Montebelli. Orphaned in 1888, Adriana’s life is swept along at the whim of forceful men who decide where she will live and who she will marry. Instead of breaking her, their cruel deceptions toughen her resolve to take control. Though she rises to manage the vast Van Buren estate, she wonders if her broken heart will have the strength to love again.

Follow Adriana in this historical novel as she navigates the challenges of woman’s suffrage, union violence, and the tragic hardships of love and loss, while struggling to cling to her faith.

My Review:

After reading The Proof and falling in love with Colwell’s writing, I was incredibly anxious to read the very next book she came out with, which happened to be Adriana’s Secrets. I was unaware, however that it was book two to The Secret of Montebellis, you see, I thought that it was the sequel to The Proof. So, you could say that I was slightly confused with a lot of the back story, but I did manage to follow it and I did enjoy it.

Once again, Colwell pleased me with her characters and the suspense of the story. Her writing was fabulous and engaged me with every word she wrote and I already can’t wait to read the first book (I often wonder how many series I’ve read backwards….I’m fairly certain that they would outnumber the ones that I read in order…)! I did find Adriana’s Secrets to be much more emotional than I remember The Proof being and the violence was slightly more. But, I think that it was these two factors that made the book so well written, because Colwell captured the emotion of the characters so perfectly.

All in all, I rate Adriana’s Secrets 4 out of 5 stars and encourage all fans of The Proof to read it (after reading book 1 first!)!

“I received this book from the author/publisher for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own”

Author Bio:

Cheryl Colwell

Passionate about all things creative, Cheryl finds inspiration in the countryside of Ashland, Oregon–the perfect venue for her interests in writing, gardening, art, and relationships.

Following the theme, “Stunning Suspense,” her characters visit stunning locations while they pursue adventurous quests peppered with mystery, suspense, and romance.

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