Monthly Writing Update-February 2015

I see lots (and lots) of writers posting weekly and monthly writing updates in order to keep accountability with other writers, and I’ve been meaning to get into this, but keep forgetting about it….Anyways, I don’t want these posts to only concentrate on other writers, I would like all of you readers to get something out of these posts too, so at the end of every month, I will announce my monthly total of words and chapters written and…..drum roll please……I will post a snippet from the longest chapter written (without spoilers of course)! Think you will enjoy that? I hope so! So, without further ado…..


The month of February was very productive for me, despite the fact that I had tons of extra stuff going on. My grand monthly total was 15,489 words that were written for the first draft of my novel A Queen is Knighted. These words went into a total of 9 chapters (yay!) with my longest chapter being chapter #17 with 2109 words.  I just want to inform you that I write by hand in a notebook, I really can’t stress this enough because 15,000 is a relatively low number for a monthly total of words compared to those of you who type. If I were to type, I’m sure that my monthly count would be higher because I type pretty close to 5 times faster than I write by hand. Why don’t I type? It’s simple, I’m deathly afraid of losing my manuscript due to a computer crash, which has happened to me before and I thought I was going to die….So….yeah….I always write the first draft of anything by hand and then type and edit the second draft.

Chapter # 17 was the longest chapter, so here is your snippet (this is the only one in the chapter that does not contain a spoiler….)! Enjoy!

Wilhelm’s sister was the first to greet us at the door, aside from the butler that is.

“Oh Lauraine! You look dreadful! Come now and sit down, we’ve already eaten our meal but James informed us when he arrived last night that we should expect you around this time today, so we had the cook save you a meal. Oh but isn’t James handsome?! My word, even covered in all of the filth he stole my breath away! Do you not agree Lauraine? Isn’t he handsome? Ah well, here we are have a seat.” I quickly sat down where she pointed, preferring not to answer Kristeena’s questions, not her comments regarding James either. She always talked too much and drove my nerves insane, but growing up together, I had learned to get used to her dialogue.

I simply replied, “Thank you” before attacking the steaming food placed before by a maid.

Can you learn anything about this scene? Do you find yourself talking like Kristeena from time to time? 


2 thoughts on “Monthly Writing Update-February 2015”

  1. I admire your hand writing abilities. I think for the third draft of my novel, which is going to be a complete rewrite, I’ll write it by hand in a notebook, and then type it up for line edits. Then I’ll hopefully be able to start querying.

    I love the snippet. Kristeena sounds like a really annoying character-even if she might not mean it.

    1. Hand writing is fun! I actually enjoy it more than I enjoy typing 🙂 The only thing is that my hand doesn’t want to write near as long as my brain does….it starts complaining and gets all cramped up!

      Kristeena is a semi-annoying character but she has a big heart and loves Lauraine’s family very much!

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