Sometimes, We Need to HAVE a Flashlight

Have you ever been in the woods on a dark night, alone? With the trees so thick that the moon overhead is blocked out? The stars nothing but a faint memory? Its pitch black, you can’t see your hand in front of you nor can you see anything around you. You walk on with the constant fear of tripping over something invisible in your way and maybe you’re even scared of the possibility that something will jump out at you at any moment. Your heart beats at all of the unknown noises, you’re lost and afraid of your circumstance. But then, you see a spark in the distance, its light! You don’t care what kind of light, just as long as you get to it, so you run towards it, tripping over everything in your path.

Why? Why do we crave light? Why do so many people hate being in the dark? The answer is simple, its because light reveals your surroundings and chases away fear of the unknown. Light makes us feel safe. Light gives us hope. Light makes us not feel so utterly alone.

We all know the memory verse, “You are the light of the world…..” (Matthew  5:14) and I’m sure we’ve all heard numerous sermons about this particular passage sounding something like, “You must stand out! Draw in unbelievers like bugs to a lantern!” and that is all good and well, and very much true, but sometimes, we need to have a light. We, as Christians, need to find a flashlight to get us through the dark circumstance that we are trapped in. We have to have time to refuel and rekindle that spark that was lit when we first met Jesus.

My favorite song, possibly out of every other song I’ve ever heard and out of every genre, is called Flashlight by Hunter Hayes. And I know that most of you probably just rolled your eyes thinking something like “Of course its Hunter Hayes! Why should we be surprised?!” Well, before I go on further I am going to inform you that the first time I heard this song, I was so mesmerized by the lyrics that I didn’t even know that it was Hunter singing (and I can typically pick his songs out by how the guitar is played!)! Shows you how great these lyrics are!

Flashlight is not one of Hunter’s popular songs,I don’t even think that it plays on the radio (yet) and can be found on his newest album called Storyline.The lyrics to this song show how much we depend on God and how He works through other people to shine His light. It tells us how easy it is to get off track, how undeserving we are of His mercy and grace, but He continues to shine on us. The very first line in the song is,

“I get lost sometimes, like everybody else,”

It’s okay to get lost! Christians can get depressed! We hurt, we mess up, sometimes we even just totally blow it! But that goes to show that we are just people, human beings who live on the same earth as everyone else and breath the same air. And Christians who deny messing up, thinking that they are perfect, that just tells you that they messed up so badly that they don’t want to share it with you, you don’t need to come down on them, just pray for them, because they need it. Christians need flashlights just as much as atheists do, and every other person on this planet, we all need light.

The chorus of Flashlight goes on to reveal how God shows His light to us.

“It’s a sunrise from a lonely night
Like a smile in a strangers eyes
It’s the moments that save my life,
nobody knows about like flashlights
there’s just enough hope when it shines,
to go one scared step at a time
When the world’s too dark I find, Your flashlight, yeah”

The sentence that touches me the most is that when God shines His light, when we are lost in the dark woods and find His flashlight “there’s just enough hope when it shines, to go one scared step at a time.” It’s okay to be scared, even when you have the light, just don’t let that fear freeze you up and keep you from moving. Keep taking one step at a time because that’s the whole point of having the flashlight, to reveal your surrounding so that you can go on.

So where do we find our flashlights? Well, Psalms 27:1 is clear on answering that question, “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life! Of whom shall I be afraid?!”

Think about it this way, if you need to buy a flashlight, where do you go? The store right? Well then look at the Bible as a store, a survival store, one that is up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere specifically for the purpose of being there for campers who run out of supplies. In that kind of store, you will find medical supplies, repairs for your temporary home, food that will sustain you, water to quench your thirst, and what kind of survival store wouldn’t carry flashlights? The Bible is where you will find your flashlight. And everything else I just mentioned is all in the Bible too, if you need something to repair your temporary home, go shopping in the Bible, I promise that it is in there, you’ll just have to look around until you find it, or ask someone else who is familiar with the area. But you wanna hear the best part of all? Everything is free!

Everything is free! To some of us we get excited and dig into the Word, pulling out as much wisdom as our small minds can handle! But others, we tend to ask “Why? Why do I have this privilege? I don’t deserve it.” Well, that’s the Good News, nobody does! God just shines on us because He wants to shine on us!

The bridge of Flashlight covers that timid spirit in some of us:

“Oh, who am I?
Dust and water,
Touched by the Divine

Tell me who, who am I?
That you keep shining on me,”

 Dust and water touched by the Divine! Wow I just love that, it gives me chill bumps!

So, despite your failures, despite your timidity, despite your fear, despite whatever comes to your mind as you read this, God, our Lord, chooses to shine on you! He chooses to! So dig into His Survival Store and stock up on flashlights because this world is in the midst of a massive power outage!

Just a side-note, I did NOT make the above video! There are a few misspellings and grammar errors but I liked this video better than the other ones I saw!


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