Book Review: Clash of Eagles by Alan Smale

Clash of Eagles

My Review:

Oh, this book grabbed my attention from page one and refused to let it go! Such a unique story with the best characters that I’ve ever read about. Alan’s writing style is just perfect, not overruling with details but clear enough that you could even smell everything that happened. And can I just say how awesome the cover is?! Wow, just fabulous!

However, there were many (many) issues that contradicted my morals and actually caused me to stop reading in the height of action, much to my utter dismay. From the very beginning of Clash of Eagles, the smaller cuss words were present (da*m, h*ll etc..) and not very frequent, however quickly escalating as the book went on. The gore and action is decently high, containing vivid scenes of maiming as well as killing in the war scenes. However, the reason for my actually putting the book down and refusing to read on belongs to the unnecessary sex scene and the using of the “f bomb”. Those two things pretty much “crossed the line” and I could not bring myself to finish the book, despite its obvious potential.

So it hurts me to give Clash of Eagles by Alan Smale 1.5 (2 for sites that don’t except halves) out of 5 stars because of all of the unnecessary content, and I warn all of my followers to beware of this author in the future.

“I received this book via NetGalley for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are my own.”


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