Book Review: Maximus by Richard L. Black


The Synopsis:

Maximus has never known peace. In command of one of Rome’s finest legions, he and his closest friend, Androcles, have fought side by side to uphold the glory of the empire.

But at the end of a long and bloody campaign, Maximus begins to question his purpose, his past, and the gods he has been taught to believe in.

When word reaches Rome of a man named Jesus who is causing a stir in faraway Judaea, Maximus and Androcles are sent, disguised as Jews, to ascertain the truth of the situation: Is this Jesus merely a radical preacher, or is he instigating a revolution against Rome?

As Maximus immerses himself in Jewish culture, he must confront questions that could change his life: Is it possible this carpenter from Nazareth is the Son of God? Is it possible for a man of war to live a life of peace?

My Review:

Maximus is a neat story that demonstrates the heart of it’s author. In reading Maximus you can definitely see the author’s desire to spread the Gospel in his own special way, and that is exactly what he did! The story was well researched and I was pleased with how well the characters were made and how each one had his/her special part in the story.

However, in reading this book, I could definitely tell that this was Black’s first book. The writing was kind of choppy and he switched in between POVs far too often making the characters seem to open. In books like this it would have been better to keep the story in only 2 or 3 different characters’ POVs so that the book would not have been so predictable. There were also several glitches in the grammar of the ebook version that I read.

But overall, I loved the story as well as the mission that the author gave it so I do recommend it to all of my friends and give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. I also look forward to reading the next book that Richard Black comes out with which I believe will be World War II fiction (my favorite!)!

“I received this book via NetGalley for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.”

Author Bio:ย 

Richard earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from California State University Long Beach. His diverse professional background has spanned from the 104th floor of the original World Trade Towers in New York as an Institutional Stock Trader to a major software corporation working closely with the Department of Defense and the Intelligence Community.

Maximus is his first novel. He defines it as a ten-year research project that became a labor of love. Richard is currently working on his next project entitled Starfish, the saga of a young Danish woman who immigrates to the timber country of Humboldt County in Northern California during World War ll.

Richard grew up in San Diego, California. He and his wife of 39 years, the former Marian Anne Johnsen, from Santa Rosa, California, have called Utah their home since 1993. Richard and Marian are the parents of eight children and grandparents of two beautiful granddaughters and a handsome grandson. Richard enjoys traveling, swimming in the ocean, playing the guitar and working on cars with his four sons.


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