Tomorrow’s the Day! Tomorrow’s the Day!


I apologize to all of my lovely readers for not informing you of this sooner, but I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this April and I am beside myself with excitement! Tomorrow I will be so engrossed in A Queen is Knighted that I will probably introduce myself as Kodie 😉

My original goal for this month was to write 60,000 words, but because I have work 2 days a week (3 including some Saturdays), and school the other 3, I decided that 60,000 words was a pretty ridiculous goal for such a busy schedule. So I cut it pretty much in half, making my new goal 35,000 words. I feel pretty confident about achieving this and really hope that this amount of words is enough to finish A Queen is Knighted, but I have my doubts. Oh well, come what may come, I look forward to an awesome month!

Speaking of monthly writing, while I am on the subject, I will go ahead and give y’all my monthly writing review for March, which is pretty terrible. I only wrote 14 days this month which totaled 9351 words. Not a very good start to an event that I aim to write 3 times that amount in the coming month, but April has an advantage. I have 11 (awesome!) accountability partners who are also attacking huge writing goals along with me! I pray that this month will be productive for all of us and that my being placed into this particular group of people is so that I can be a blessing and witness for Christ for an entire month, in addition to myself accomplishing a lifelong goal!

Please, my faithful followers, keep all of the NaNoers in your prayers, as this exciting month has the potential to turn into a very stressful one for some people. Pray that God will give every writer the words to write and the wisdom needed to choose their story. Pray also that no one will be put into a troublesome situation with cyber stalking or anything of that nature, this website is a very safe website and has a lot of security, but we still need to pray against any possibilities of that security getting hacked. And finally, just pray that we will have a blast this April, because that is what NaNoWriMo is about, having fun while writing!


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