The 777 Challenge

I love participating in fun challenges like these so I made it a point to do this one. The rules of the 777 Challenge are simple, you go to the 7th page in your Work-In-Progress (WIP), scroll to line 7 on that page and share the next 7 lines. Then you tag 7 other writers for them to do the same. I was tagged (unofficially) by Rebekah at Horse Feathers.

Here is my 777 of A Queen is Knighted:


“Killed?”  I squeaked, the tears finally breaking free and falling down my face. “Like dead?”

James nodded, refusing to make eye-contact with me, “Yes Your Highness.”

“How?” I asked, rising quickly to my feet, knowing that he was telling me the truth, but not wanting to believe it, “How do you know? You’ve been with me the whole time!”

“Shortly after you passed out, Your Highness, a servant of your father crossed paths with us and told me the news, as well as giving you the letter from His Majesty-”

“How did Father write the letter? Wouldn’t Zack have destroyed it? Or stopped him before it was ever finished?” I interrupted suddenly struck with the thought.

“I asked the same thing to the servant, Your Highness, and he replied that His Majesty wrote the letter bit by bit as Prince Zack focused his attention elsewhere and then charged the servant to keep it safe upon his life, giving it to you as soon as possible.”

“And he wants to kill me?” My mind was no longer with the letter, it was with my brother. “He actually wants to kill me?” I was sobbing now, finally grasping the danger that I was in.

So yeah, good 777 huh? I would have never chosen that piece as a snippet but there you are!

Because I don’t know how many bloggers I follow (or that follow me) are actually writers (I mean I know that a few of them are *wink at Athelas, Ana, Aerykah*). So if you are a writer and would like to do the 777 challenge you are officially tagged! If you do decide to do the tag, I would LOVE it if you came back and dropped a comment with a link to your post! Thanks for reading!


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