Opinions Can Change, Yes Even Mine

This post could also easily be titled “I eat Crow” or some such name but I preferred a more discreet and passive title. “What has my opinioned changed about?” you ask, well before I can answer that, I must explain a rather long, ongoing battle between Android and Apple. 

We see the pictures that say “A house divided” and show a little Android man eating the Apple logo and I must inform you that I am absolutely certain that my family invented this. You see, my younger siblings are Apple’s biggest fans while my parents and I are android’s biggest fans and Apple’s most terrible enemy. We simply cannot get along when it comes to these devices and therefore the battle of insults has begun. 

Example 1- iPhone dies suddenly at lunch after charging all night. 

iPhone owner- “Oh sorry, my phone died.”

Android owner (after not charging phone for a week and still has 99%)- “Wow, maybe you should take your phone to the doctor.” 

Example 2- Android loses signal standing next to a signal tower.
Android owner- “Dang! I lost my signal, now I can’t play Trivia Crack!” 

iPhone owner (standing in the middle of the Sahara desert)- “I can.” *evil grin* 

And the examples could probably go on forever as I, myself, have used many, many against the “I” people and have also received many.  But, it would be pointless to list them now that I am a mild (very mild) “I” person. Yes, you read that right, this hard core, anti-Apple person now owns an Apple IPad mini and has grown quite fond of the little bugger. 

But, I did not buy this for myself, no I would never betray Android in such a way. I received this from some dear  family friends who happen to be MAJOR Apple enthusiasts; no other comments necessary . But however I aquired my new play toy, I am here to announce that opinions can change, yes even mine. And though Apple and I are not besties, we now have a mutual friendship and are able to be in the same room without humiliating one another (sorta). 

What about all of you, dear followers? Do you prefer Apple or Android? 


1 thought on “Opinions Can Change, Yes Even Mine”

  1. I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve been an Apple hater for like…all my life??
    Just made the official switch. Apple’s better.

    …Crow doesn’t taste too bad once you get used to it.

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