Happy To Be Alive Because……Lexie Fell in Love with a Book! 

My lovely sister, Lexie (as you probably guessed from the title), recently fell in love with a book, and I mean head over heels, tears when it ended, and looking at every other fabulous book with disgust……Okay, so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but I’m serious that the little sister who hates reading read a 301 page book in two days flat! 

When Lexie started the book, it was kind of a relunctant, “I’m gonna force myself to read this because it slightly interests me, but I would rather watch the story than read it.” I could tell this because of several reasons; one, she held the book barely between her fingertips and held it away from her as if it might bite her; and two, I’m her sister and I know her really well 😉 

About an hour later I walked into her room and stumbled backwards as I realized that she was STILL reading! Knowing better than to draw attention to it, I causually walked out without a word (and passed out as soon as the door was closed). 

Again, about an hour later I was coming in to help Mom with dinner and there Lexie was, on the front porch rocking chair with this book clutched in her hands. Still refusing to draw attention to it, but dying to say something, I asked what part she was at and of course she told me and followed it up with, “This is really good!” 

Skipping forward to the next day….she has bags under her eyes and looks like everyone does on New Years Day, completely exhausted. I asked if she slept all right and she was like, “Once I put the book down….but that was at like 3:30 this morning…so I’m kinda tired.” 

She finished the book that day. Skipping meals. Only coming out of her room to use the restroom. Yes, it was a very different Lexie those two days. 

But what makes it all better is the look on her face when she asked for the next book that this author had. 

“This is her first and only book Lexie. She doesn’t have anymore.” 

So you see…I had a very hard time getting my book back as Lexie threatned to read it over again immediately after she finished it (but I wanted to re-read it so we had a delimma..). 

Anyways, if Lexie (being the total tomboy, outdoorsy girl, and anti-romance person); If she loved this book, then I can pretty much promise that every female alive will love Happy To Be Alive, Because by Chelsea Jacobs! 



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