Update on My Life

Hay-o everyone! How I’ve missed just fun, informative chat here on my blog, but life happens and here recently, my life is beyond exciting! But, before I get too far ahead of myself let me tell you all that in the beginning of the year, my dad got a word that this year would be exciting and different for us. And indeed it has been! 

It started with a monster-truck rally that my Aunt and Uncle gave us tickets for for Christmas and we had a fabulous time attending this event! There’s nothing quite like watching a bunch of awesome monster trucks smash things in an arena πŸ˜‰ 

That was followed by our first ever concert which happened to be Toby-Mac and Mandisa! My Grandma got us those tickets and they were well-used! The tee-shirt I got still remains as one of my favorites and it was a fabulous experience! 

Almost immediately after the Toby-Mac and Mandisa concert we were then blessed to be invited to join some close friends to a Third Day concert; which was amazing! Completely different style of concert but just as awesome an expereince! 

And then…..those same friends spoiled us again by inviting us to a Billy Currington concert which was obviously our first country music concert, but not only did we get to see one our favorite country artists live; we also had pit passes so we were seriously touching the stage! The bass was threatning to stop our hearts and the energy and excitment was overwhelming…I don’t think I’ll go to another concert unless it is that close because that was so worth it! 

All of that happened before summer so skipping forward a couple of months to June, we went to Tyler State Park with our youth group for a “summer camp” and had a wonderful time having raft wars, hiking in the heat, and making up crazy cabin songs…but the highlight of that trip was worship. I tell you, you have never lived until you worship the Creator of the universe around a campfire at night in the woods with all of your dearest friends. Nothing like it. 

If you think that this has all been amazing, just wait, it gets so much better! July 22-24 we will be going to a longly anticipated Gateway youth leadership conference with our youth group. And I have to say, to fully understand my excitement in being able to go, you have to understand that we nearly were not able to go because of the following event, which is a trip to Hawaii! 

And when I say “trip to Hawaii”, I do not mean just a few days. Guys, we are going to be there for 6 weeks! I’ve never been to Hawaii before so this is probably the highlight of my year! Heck, I’ve never even been to the beach so, I mean Hawaii for the first time on a beach, yes, I can get down with this lol! We will leave for Hawaii July 27 so after that I’m not sure if I will just randomly disappear or if I will have time/wifi to post the few book reviews that I have set up or not (really, lets be real, if I post anything it will be pictures..).

I really don’t know what else is in store for us this year, but all I can say is God is good! He knew that we needed a fun and relaxing year; a break from the norm, and He’s given it to us. I pray that our time in Hawaii will not only let us come home refreshed, but also bring us closer as a family. I’ll keep you posted as the year progresses and will still try really hard to contine the weekly summer scripture memorization. 

Thank you all for sharing my life here in webspace and I hope that all of the rest of your summer days are filled with joy and excitment and that God will touch you all in a special way this year! Till next time, peace out! 


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