The Importance of a Family: Being on the Same Page


Family is extremely important to God, we know this by the way He created Adam and Eve to be one flesh (Genesis 2:24). We also know that family is important to Him by the way that Jesus treated His earthly family as well as how He treated other families that came across His path (found all throughout the New Testament). This is why families, especially in today’s day and age, are under attack. Parents don’t understand the value of marriage anymore, children don’t understand the value of guidance, and siblings constantly bicker. Grandparents are distant because they grew up in a world where family was a top priority so they want nothing to do with the things that are “wrong” within their children’s or grandchildren’s lives. Satan knows the importance of family, that’s why he’s destroying them. So, guided by the Holy Spirit, I am here to help bring families back together with a series called The Importance of A Family. This post is going to be focused on The Importance of a Family Being on the Same Page by diving into scripture that supports this as well as using some illustrations. I truly hope that you will stick around for these posts and that you, as my audience, will be able to get something out of it.


Unity is a fancy word that today’s families are seriously lacking for the reasons that I mentioned in the above paragraph. It doesn’t matter whether the family is overall strong in their faith or not believing in the faith at all; there is constant conflict in the unity of our families, to some degree, in every family. Even mine; I won’t deny it. But the problem with this is two main things; one, God wants us to be in unity and when we aren’t, it disappoints Him and should disappoint us. But that brings us to the second reason a lack of unity is a problem; we don’t realize, as a culture in general, that it is a BIG problem.

I don’t know about you, but I think it might be just a tad bit difficult to fix a problem that no one recognizes as a problem. So, let’s identify why a lack of unity is a problem, then we’ll solve it!

1 Peter 3:8 says:

Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.

This verse can be used for both the Christian family, as in the church family, as well as the family at home; however, I personally believe that Peter wrote it specifically for the individual family more than the church family. Because what’s a church family if our families at home cannot get along? But, setting that aside, let’s go over what Peter commands in this verse. “Unity of mind” is listed first and is really all I want to focus on in this particular post, we’ll come back to the rest of the verse in later posts.

Having a unity of mind means, simply, to be on the same page as a family. So if the father of the household believes that a particular TV show is not good to watch, the rest of the family needs to understand why and accept his guidance without argument, however, making sure that his beliefs align with the Word. Same with the mother, if she believes that she is called to home-school the children, then she aligns her beliefs with the Word and then presents her beliefs to the rest of the family; the children must submit to her guidance while the husband leads the family to the best of his ability by supporting her OR helping her by giving her ideas and insights on how to stay in accordance to the Word. “Family” is better defined as a “team”. If the team doesn’t understand the play then they aren’t gonna win the game; and the only way they’ll understand the play is if they communicate their thoughts, ideas, concerns, and praises to the rest of the team. Communication is vital in a family.

What if all of the family except for that one person is in unity? What then? Well, you can’t control other people, but you can work hard to persuade them by being an example and worrying about making sure you are doing your best to be a team player. Allow me to demonstrate this for you.

You know those crazy rolling chairs with the little stoppers on each of the wheels that act like anchors? The ones that you accidentally hit when your sitting still so that when you go roll you end up going in a circle or not moving at all? Those anchors represent each one of your family members and the chair is your relationship. Where the chair is sitting now is your current situation and where you wish to roll to is closer to God. If just one of your family members isn’t on board with going closer to God, then your family’s relationship is just going to go round and round or simply not move at all. Family carries that much of an impact. That’s why families need to be united in mind and grounded on the Word. That’s why you need to make sure that you have your anchor pulled up before worrying about the rest of the family.

“So, I’m pretty sure that, to the best of my ability, my personal anchor is up and ready to move forward. But my family still has a few anchors pushed down, what do I do about it?” Well, the anchors on chairs aren’t always easy to flip back up, sometimes you have to get down on your hands and knees to pull it back up, but its still possible. So get down on your knees and ask God to pull up the anchor that’s keeping your family’s chair from rolling forward. Be the example of communication, go to your “team” and tell them your ideas for improving the play and listen to theirs. Ground yourselves on the Word; make 1 Peter 3:8 your family’s verse by sticking it all over the walls of your house.

Because, even King David knew the importance of a family being on the same page when he wrote Psalm 133:1,

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!

Thanks for reading and I hope that you’ll be back when I post next. If you have anything to add or questions, please drop a comment below; I’d love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “The Importance of a Family: Being on the Same Page”

    1. Thank you so much!!! God just totally dropped that into my heart when I was wheeling my little brother through the house in his high chair…God works in mysterious ways;-)

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