Wow guys! I have 65 followers! When did this happen? I just look up one day (today) and there you all are! So I see lots of other blogs throwing blog parties when they reach a certain amount of followers and I’m thinking I’ll throw a party for when I hit, I don’t know, 83 followers?! Why 83? Because I feel that 100 is celebrated far too often and 83 just seems like such a fun number! 

I’m not sure what kind of blog party I shall throw, so if you have any ideas for something fun and engaging, let me know in the comments below (did you see how perfectly that rymed?! Totally unintentional!!!). I have a few ideas, like blog dares, challenges, tags, or contests but I want to do something really fun that y’all will want to participate in. So please let me know and I might even do something special for the 83rd follower….the wheels of my brain are turning! 

So thanks to all of you my special peeps! My blog wouldn’t be what it is now without you! 



I love hearing from you! Comment below to tell me what you think!

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