52 Science Fiction/Fantasy eBook Giveaway…Grab Your Attention?

Enclave Publishing is giving away an eBook copy of EVERY BOOK THAT THEY’VE EVER PUBLISHED! That’s 52 books! And I know what you’re thinking, that there will be 52 different winners and each winner will get one book, but that just isn’t so…ONE WINNER, 52 BOOKS. Tell me that I have your attention now!

Enclave Publishing is responsible for the fabulous books by Jill Williamson, Ronnie Kendig, Sharon Hinck, and like tons more…all of you Sci Fi addicts, sign up, just sign up, really. All of the books are Christian so you don’t have to worry about inappropriate scenes, and especially with this publisher, all of their books are clean. I mean, that’s a year’s worth of reading if you manage to read a single eBook every week…excuse my hyper tone, I might jut be a teensy bit excited…

But you’ve got to sign up NOW! The giveaway ends on September 7 (2015) so you’d better hurry!

Here’s the link: Enclave Publishing Giveaway

P.S. Though I’ve given you an opportunity to enter, don’t expect to win…because I plan on being that winner *gasp* (You know my secret ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


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