Just Catching Up With The Bloggin’ Fam

Well, its been kind of a dead month here with my very few book reviews and infrequent pop-ins; but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think about you! Things are just crazy over here in real life..Speech is consuming much of my time as well as school. But I also have some writing projects that I’m sure you will be more interested in knowing about.

First and foremost, I’m working on the second draft of A Queen is Knighted. I know, you just got unrealistically excited. And with all of the teaser posts I’ve put you through, that is to be expected 🙂 I am chugging along with the editing and have just started the 2nd draft of chapter 9; I’m aiming to have the entire book finished with the 2nd draft by my 18th birthday (this coming May 8). So that’s exciting right?! (If you have no earthly idea what I’m talking about and would like to read the first chapter of A Queen is Knighted, go to My Writing Stuff (Current WIPS) in the menu bar).

Secondly, I have finished my short story for the Rooglewood Press short-story contest. Woop woop! Now begins the editing so I can send it in by December 🙂 “What is it about?” you ask? Well, for safety of it not getting duplicated, I’ll only give you a hint; its awesome:-) LOL. I’ll fill you in after the contest is closed for entries and, as a bonus, if my story doesn’t win I’ll publish it here for all to read! But if it does win, then you’ll just have to buy the book:-) (Which I’m sure that you’ll buy the book regardless because the winners always have phenomenal stories!).

And lastly, I am working on the next post in my Importance of a Family series which will be titled: The Importance of a Family Giving Sympathy. Hopefully, that will go up sometime within the next two weeks, but I’m afraid that I can’t promise anything.

So, that catches you up with me and my writing life:-)

Anyone out there going to be my competition in the Rooglewood Press contest? 


I love hearing from you! Comment below to tell me what you think!

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