An Open Halloween Letter from an Ex-Pagan (And My Two-Cents)

My family has never celebrated Halloween, nor “Fall Festival”, nor “Trunk or Treat” nor any other name a church tries to rename “Halloween”; and we never will, that I can promise you. Lots of other Christian families do participate in these things and we just can’t understand it; in the same ways that they can’t understand how we don’t. But hopefully, the following post will clear this up for you Christians who are still trying to determine whether or not to go to your church’s “Fall Festival” held on Halloween night this year, whether they say it’s for Halloween or not. Below is why my family does not support Halloween in any form or fashion in accordance to Pennie’s personal testimony.

Hi. My name is Pennie De Witt and I’m a recovering occultist. A former slave to Satan. Below are just some of the thoughts that have been pouring through my mind today.

Can I do pagan things if I just don’t think of them as pagan?

What if I dance naked around the fire for Jesus instead of for Hecate?

What if I get a new deck of Tarot cards, assign each of them a Bible story, and use them to get closer to God?

Why don’t I redeem orgies and abortion for Christ while I’m at it?

For that matter, why don’t I just open back up for business as a psychic and dedicate it to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?

Isn’t it okay to do house cleansings with a rattle? Well, how about if I ditch the rattle and just wear the mask? Would it be better if I put a smile on the mask? And how about, while I’m wearing the mask I go reveling with my friends, but only for candy? How about if I just make a Talisman and put a cute, innocent, funny-face on it?



3 thoughts on “An Open Halloween Letter from an Ex-Pagan (And My Two-Cents)”

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