Book Review: Trial Run by Thomas Locke

Trial Run

I received this book from the author for the purpose of this review. All comments and opinions are entirely my own.

Featured Review From MaKenzie:ย 

I am quickly becoming a fan of Thomas Locke (also known as Davis Bunn), after reading Patmos Deception and The Emissary, i was eager to get my hands on this later masterpiece. What i love about Locke’s writings is the intricate detail that goes into them and the continual knot of plot twists that keep the story from being predictable. The only real problem i had with Trial Run was in the beginning. At first i had a really hard time getting into the story, Locke writes from the alternating perspective of three or four different people, with the beginning being so diversified i had trouble following. But once he started bringing all of the pieces together i couldn’t put it down.
Cutting-edge research requiring controversial experiments. Startling dreams delivering cryptic communication from the dreamer’s future self. Ruthless rivals determined to control mind-bending new technology. This daring psychological journey into the very nature of causation and consciousness will leave you turning the pages and grasping for solid ground-especially when it becomes clear just how much fact lies within the fiction.
Overall this book receives 5 stars from me.


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