Pursue Magazine


Exciting announcement #1; Pursue Magazine launched earlier this week! This is a teen magazine based completely on Christian principles covering all of the hot-teen topics; beauty and fashion, music and movies, teen problems (like relationships, bullying, cutting, etc.), faith-filled living, life-after college, and so much more! Right now, it is a digital magazine but once we raise enough funds it will be turned into a physical magazine.

Exciting announcement #2; I have a column in this new magazine! I will announce further details and keep you updated on when my articles are published on the website but this is pretty exciting news for me so I had to tell you now!

Because this is a new magazine, we really need help in getting it off the ground and into the air so to speak. Financial support is requested as well as word-of-mouth (or rather social media) advertisement. You can support us financially by purchasing from the Pursue Magazine store (which has some really cute coffee mugs and shirts) or by donating. All financial support will go towards releasing the first digital magazine coming this fall.


But on the easier side, if you can’t give financially, you can always Tweet about us, Like us on Facebook, Pin some articles on Pinterest, post a picture on Instagram, etc. On the website, if there is a particular article you like, there are actually shortcuts for you to just click a button to share it through the social media of your choice.

Please help us get the word out about Pursue and thank you all so much for all of the support you’ve given me throughout the years! Without the constant encouragement ya’ll have given me I probably wouldn’t be where I am now in my writing. I’m excited to start this new stage of writing and I really do owe it all to God first, family second, but most definitely you guys as well! Thank you all so so so so much!



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