Book Reviews Are Leaving!


Hey everyone! As the title of this post implies, book reviews will soon cease to exist here on Accelerate The Jesus Movement. But don’t worry, you mustn’t be too sad, because I will still review books on the website I have been building over the last few months, Literature Approved.

I decided to separate my blog and the book reviews because when people visit my blog, I don’t want them to be bombarded with books. Yes there are the many book loving people that visit and I am so glad that you all find my reviews helpful, however that was not the original purpose of my blog. I want my blog to be a place of encouragement, conversation, tips, etc and the book reviews are just taking up too much space.

However, I love doing the book reviews! It’s super fun for me and an excellent window to meet new authors as well as other people who enjoy reading the same books I do; that’s why I decided to give them their own special spot to go instead of getting rid of them.

But, things will go strange at first. Certain publishers that I review for have a minimum requirement of followers/monthly views that a website must have in order to send the book to the reviewer; on these books, the review will be duplicated here on Accelerate The Jesus Movement just until Literature Approved has met those requirements. However, ALL OTHER BOOK REVIEWS WILL BE POSTED ONLY ON LITERATURE APPROVED FROM NOW ON!Β 

The goal here is to get as many followers on Literature Approved as possible in a short amount of time so that it is fair to the other authors of whom I review for to get the word out about their books. If, for some reason, Literature Approved does not gain a fair amount of followers for the authors, I will duplicate reviews here until it does so.

So, there will be a decent amount of duplicated reviews here for the first month or so, maybe a little longer, but bare with me! Once this is over it should go nice and smooth from here on out πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for all of your support and I really hope this works out for you guys as well as for me!

Here is the link for Literature Approved so please go check it out and click the little follow button at the bottom of the home page if you still want to read my reviews πŸ˜‰



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