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Tap Into Your Potential by Understanding Your Identity

Identity is what our culture is viciously fighting to own the right to. The culture is trying so very desperately to give us each labels, tell us what we are to wear, how we are to talk, even what we are supposed to eat; and it has a very good reason to. If the culture around us can have control of our identity, then it can have control of every inch of us. But really, why is identity such a big deal? Why does it matter what we place our identity in and what gives it such an authority over us?

Identity is more than just an overused word thrown around in our youth groups. More than what people think about us, and more than what we think about ourselves. Our identity gives us motivation in life, endurance to overcome trials, satisfaction in our choices, and peace at the end of the day. We strive to maintain our identity and focus on upholding the image that we have dedicated so much time to obtain. Our identity gives us passion in life and joy from day to day. Our identity gives us an automatic label; and we aren’t ashamed of it. Our identity defines our purpose in life.

However, there are two things that the culture throws at us that obscures our view of our real identity. These two things are lack of identity and false identity.


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