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CWWC 2016: First Prompts

And Creating Worlds Writing Camp 2016 is starting off! I am on the lovely Team Half-Bloods (in honor of Percy Jackson) and cannot wait to read my teammates stories!


Here are the first 3 writing prompts of which I am going to incorporate all 3 into one story.



Prompt 3

A Day in The Life of Chelsea

Chelsea stared at the beautiful painting in amazement; how could the artist capture that much emotion in such splendor? 

She gazed at the peaceful girl absorbed in her book and marveled at the way the majestic creature loomed over her; as if looking to both protect her as well as enjoy her company. The waterfall falling in the background was captured so perfectly that Chelsea could hear the roar of the rushing water. She could feel the cool mist rising up to touch her skin and the smell of fresh water and jungle air greeted her nose.

She sighed and silently applauded the artist for creating the desire within her to travel to this fantasy world, before she turned away and continued walking down the long row of paintings. There were a few other very nicely featured paintings in the museum, but none of them took her breath away like The Girl and The Dragon.

After almost two hours at the museum, Chelsea glanced at her watch and sighed. She should have been home half an hour ago and if she didn’t start her walk home soon, her roommate would be calling to make sure she was still alive.

Shrugging her backpack onto her shoulder, she descended the long concrete stairs from the museum and out into the busyness of New York City. Her apartment wasn’t far from the museum, but at this time of day, when everyone was getting off work and  out of school, it seemed like forever away.

Twenty minutes later she skipped up the stairs to her apartment at the same time her phone began vibrating in her back pocket. She paused on the top step and pulled the phone out, rolling her eyes when she saw her roommates caller ID, Jessica Fields. Like clockwork, she never failed to call ten minutes before curfew to make sure Chelsea was on her way.

Sliding her finger across the screen to take the phone call, she answered, “Chillax Jess, I’m walking in the room right now. In fact I’d already be on the couch in comfy PJs if you hadn’t called.” Drama and sarcasm. Two things Jessica hated but Chelsea exceeded in.

She pulled the key out of her backpack pocket and opened the door, stepping in and shutting the door, locking it back, before Jessica was even able to answer.

“Okay, I’ve got dinner made if you’re hungry.” She said and then muttered a quick bye, out of habit, and hung up the phone as Chelsea walked into the hallway between the kitchen and the living room. She dropped her backpack on the couch, kicked her shoes off in the middle of the walkway, and then hurdled over the back of the couch, landing sloppily on top of all the laundry.

Digging into the cushions for the remote, she situated her backpack beneath her head as a pillow and then clicked the TV on; flipping through channels looking for anything interesting.

“Chels, I just folded all of those.” Jessica complained, indicating to the laundry crumpled beneath Chelsea.

“I don’t see why, they’re just going to get thrown into the floor as soon as you put them on my bed.” Chelsea said uninterested.

A movie trailer caught Chelsea’s attention, causing her to ignore whatever Jessica said in reply. It flashed a spooky mirror in a dark room before the screen faded black and the words “Mirrors are passages to fantastic worlds…” replaced it. Deep orchestra music played as another scene replaced the words. This scene featured a man with majestic wings and deep green eyes that seemed to stare through Chelsea. He was featured in a short battle against a strange creature before words yet again replaced the image saying, “..guarded by creatures called The Ferrymen”.

Chelsea was waiting for the title of the movie to be reveled when suddenly the TV clicked off. Panicked, she looked around and saw Jessica holding the remote in one hand and a plate of food in the other.

“Hey! I wanted to see what the movie was!”

“Come eat first before it gets cold. That trailer has been playing all day, you’ll see it again.” Jessica tossed the remote onto the couch and then turned back into the kitchen.

Huffing, Chelsea stood and then headed to her room calling over her shoulder, “I’m not hungry. Just tired. See you tomorrow.” Then turning back quickly to grab her backpack and shoes, she went to her room and closed the door.


The alarm clock blared, scarring Chelsea out of a deep sleep to the point she jumped out of bed and face planted hard on the floor. Momentarily shocked from the impact, she just laid there and mentally scolded herself for being so easily spooked.

After a few moments, she finally pulled herself off the floor and took her time getting dressed and applying the little bit of makeup she wore. Once ready for the day, she walked into the kitchen to grab the breakfast Jessica always left for her. Jessica had to leave about 4 hours before Chelsea did so she always made Chelsea something to eat; mainly because because not even a dog would eat anything Chelsea cooked.

She made quick work of her meal before she left the apartment and headed off towards the college for her morning classes.

Backpack slung over her shoulder and headphones on, she shut the door and turned the key; before she turned around and stopped dead in her tracks. Jessica lay face down on the asphalt surrounded by what looked like ice.

Dropping her backpack and throwing the headphones off her head, Chelsea ran towards her friend, worry lining her face.

And that’s all I got for you 🙂 If I continued the story you’d be here reading all day!


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