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The Journey to Passion: Discovering What You Love to Do


Passion pulls at our innermost beings. Old or young, it’s always been there and will always be there. In its own unique shape, it resides undetected until one begins searching for it. It’s not one of those treasures easily stumbled upon; it’s one that requires a perilous journey in order to get a glimpse of it, and an even harder one to keep the passion burning brightly. But the results of well maintained, productive passion is often something bigger than what every day thinking could accomplish. Passion accomplishes the impossible.

But no two passions ever look the same. Just like diamonds, we may find some so similar that they are almost identical, but there will always be that slight bit of difference making it unique. So, how do we find our own special passions? Where do we start mining in hope of finding a diamond meant for us? Well, that’s a journey that I’d love to take you on.

The first place we should go is the little town called Trying New Things. Now, I’ve heard tale that the locals here can be a bit scary, and not all of them are likable, but don’t be timid or shy about journeying here. They have so many different things that could be helpful on our journey that we would have never thought about had we not visited this charming town. In fact, Trying New Things magically opens the door to Opportunities.


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