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CWWC 2016: Challenge #6



Behold, Part 3 of The Nameless Hero. You can find parts one and two below:

The Nameless Hero; Part 1 

The Nameless Hero; Part 2

(Loren I used 5 prompts)

The Nameless Hero; part 3

She ran, as fast and as hard as she could. Step after step her breathing escalated and her heartbeat sped faster and faster. The streets were littered with debris, causing her to zig-zag down the path and occasionally jump over obstacles in her way.

Finally the school came into view and her heart leapt with excitement. She was going to do it! She was actually going to make it!

But she should have known better than to jinx her luck by thinking those thoughts, because just as her feet hit the first steps, lightning flashed, thunder rolled, and the rain fell so hard down on her head that she almost slipped.

Turning around and facing the clouds after she stood under the awning, she shook her head. “I almost made it” she muttered quietly and then shivered. Turning back to the school she slipped off her muck boots and hung her sopping wet coat up on the hanger, before going in to each room checking on the kids.

Everyone was finished eating and were happily playing games with each other in the rooms, thanks to Carly. She smiled, what would she do without Carly?

She approached her room, which was in the attic, but stopped short when she came to the base of the stairs. Three of the most recent refugees, sat at the bottom of the stairs. Annabelle, Belle, and Ciaelle were all sisters who seemed to always have some idea for a prank.

They sat at the bottom of the stairs with their chins rested on their hands and their elbows propped on their knees. Annabelle, the youngest, looked as if she was trying to keep from laughing while Belle, the middle child, looked as if something had made her mad. She must have muttered something unsavory as their rescuer had walked up, because Ciaelle, the eldest and always leader of the trio, looked at her astonished.


“What are you doing girls?” She asked politely, trying to sound carefree and cheery.

“Nothing anymore.” Belle muttered before rolling her eyes and dropping her hands to her side. Huffing loudly in the process.

“We were playing a game!” Annabelle perked up, “We were pretending that we were in a magical land and we were trying to decide if we wanted to cross the border that no one has ever crossed before.”

“Oh, and why are you three the first to cross this magical border? Is it scary? Hunted by dragons?” She asked, genuinely interested in their imagination.

“Oh it’s very scary,” Annabelle continued in all seriousness, “No one ever comes back if they stray past the border, what lies beyond, nobody knows.”


“Wow, that sounds very dangerous. Are you sure you have all the provisions to last you the journey? Do you have a weapon in case you encounter dragons? What about a map?” Eyes brightening with excitement as she engaged in the fanciful world with the girls, she had an idea.

“How about I supply you with everything you need and be your personal guide into the unknown?”

“You don’t know anything about our land.” Belle barked suddenly, “Its ours. And you’re too old to play our game.”

“Come now Belle,” Ciaelle interrupted, “It’ll be fun, and really, she’s only a few years older than me, thats not a lot.”

“Ugh, fine. But if she gets eaten by the lava dragon then thats her own fault.” Belle tossed her head.

Trying not to laugh at the remark, she bounced up the stairs and grabbed hold of one of Annabelle’s hands and led her up the stairs towards her room saying, “Hurry, I think I have just the things we’ll need on our journey.”

The girls followed closely behind her as they ran up the stairs and into her room. Once there, she grabbed an unlit candle stick and handed it to Ciaelle.

“This is the Light of Protection. It will keep all of the darkness away and scare away lava dragons.”

“Lava dragons aren’t scared of light. They have light in them.” Belle protested with hands on her hips.

“Its not the light that scares them away, its the one who holds the light. What is your power Lady Ciaelle?”

Ciaelle giggled, “I can sense danger and when I twirl my dress the danger flees.”

“Perfect! Can you sense the danger lurking around the corner? I’ll need you to save us in order to retrieve Lady Belle’s bow and arrow!”

“I’m Princess Belle, but yes, Lady Ciaelle. Scare the danger away!”

With a graceful bound and elegant twist, Ciaelle twirled with the candlestick in the middle of the room; envisioning herself surrounded by darkness aided only by the glow of the Light of Protection.


“Excellent! We can now pass in safety!” Annabelle clapped her hands and led the way to their next obstacle. Everyone followed Annabelle at a quick pace until she halted and threw her arms open, an immediate order to stop and go no further.

“Look! The door to the border,” Annabelle whispered as they stared at an imaginary door blocking the rest of the hallway.

“Does it say anything Annabelle?” She asked, careful not to steal the story from the girls.

“Yes, it says ‘the world’s not safe anymore’.” Annabelle whispered, pretending to be mystified by the strange engraving.

“You know, I pictured a more elegant looking door.” Belle stated as she paced in front of the air, examining their pretend door. “This one is merely wood, and look at all of those locks!”


“You’re quite right Belle, this is not what I was expecting at all! How do we open it?” Ciaelle pipped in.

“I know!” Annabelle suddenly shouted, “One of the locks must be the key!”

“Excellent idea Annabelle! Belle, Ciaelle, which lock do you think is the one with the key?” She asked, hoping to see the girls imagination in action.

“Oh that’s easy,” Belle waved her hand nonchalantly, “It’s the big one that looks different than the rest!” She reached out and grabbed the pretend lock and then jumped back in amazement as the door was magically thrown open.

“Oh no a lava dragon!” She shouted and then jumped to the ground, ducking out of reach with the rest of the girls following her.

“There’s your bow and arrow Belle!” Ciaelle shouted and pointed to an umbrella that was laying in the hallway. “See if you can get to it! My light isn’t working on the dragon!”

Belle nodded and then army crawled to the umbrella, pretending to fight off random things thrown her way. Once she had the umbrella, she pictured herself in a black cloak, like all the great thieves, and imagined herself hiding behind a building. Peeking around the building, she pretended to see the dragon flying fast towards her friends and in the moment of truth, she used the umbrella bow to shoot down the dragon.


“You saved us Belle! You saved us!” Annabelle cried, jumping up and down.

All the girls bursted into giggles right before Belle’s stomach let out a loud growl, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten dinner yet.

“I’m hungry. Can we go eat dinner and play again later?” Belle asked.

“Of course, you all go ahead and eat and I’m going to change my clothes; I got a little wet on my way back today.” She laughed.

Ciaelle and Annabelle nodded and then started walking towards the stairs, discussing what could happen next in their world, while Belle hung behind briefly.

“Thanks for playing with us. What’s your name again?” Belle looked up at her expectantly.

She smiled briefly before saying, “I don’t have a name. I shamed the name I had because of how I acted when the earthquake happened. So you can call me whatever you want.”

“That doesn’t make sense. But I’ll call you Leader, because you were the leader today.”

Belle gave ‘Leader’ a hug and then ran to catch up with her sisters. Leaving ‘Leader’ choking on unexpected tears.


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