Writing Opportunity for Writers

Hello lovely followers, how has everyone been doing? My life has gotten super busy with all of my college courses and soon work, so I’ve fallen behind in posting both on here and Literature Approved, and I do apologize for that, however because of this I have decided to open up Accelerate The Jesus Movement and Literature Approved for guest posts and book reviews. It took me a while to decide to actually follow through with this thought because these two places are incredibly special to me and I wasn’t sure I was ready to “share” my little bit of the internet, but with my constant busyness increasing, I’ve decided that instead of letting these two sites sit vacant of posts, that I would let some of the new writers I’ve had the opportunity to meet show their skills at writing; not “take over” but definitely keep the blogs going when I can’t. I know, I know, some of you just experienced an increase in heart rate at that statement, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not “leaving”, I’ll still be posting on here, I’m just going to be sharing the reins a bit.

How I plan on this working, is I’m going to leave open the application for anyone who is interested by having them email me (or leave a comment), but I’m also going to be going to some of the blogs I follow and asking the author’s of those, personally, if they are interested in guest posting because I’ve had the chance to meet some very talented writers, of all ages, and I’d be honored to have several of them guest post here or on Literature Approved. If you’re interested, even just in knowing a little bit more about what I’m asking, please read the following guidelines:

Being a guest on Accelerate The Jesus Movement:

What I require:  The posts that I publish are expected to be encouraging towards teens/young adults, boy or girl. I know that here recently, I’ve been publishing pretty much anything I want, from stories to series, but I really want to refocus back onto why I started this blog in the first place, to Accelerate Jesus into the lives of my peers. So the only posts I will be publishing from guests will be posts that encourage and inspire the readers. I may make exceptions depending on the idea pitched to me, but I am going to stick with this and will, myself, follow this when I post.

Benefits of being a guest: Though I will not give any of the guests access to self publish anything here, I will give them full rein to chose their own topics, pictures (if they see it suitable for a topic picture), and dates of publish. I also will post a short bio, bio picture (if desired), and links to personal websites.

My role when regarding a guest: I will be the editor for all of the posts, not meaning that I am going to rewrite everything to suit my taste, instead I will be checking for errors but more specifically ways to better the post and ensure that it makes sense to the audience. It will still solely be the author’s post, I will just be perfecting it. And before it is published, I will send the author the edited piece so they can approve of what I polished.

Being a guest on Literature Approved:

What I require: Literature Approved is a book (and sometimes movie) reviewing site for any and all ages who are seeking clean, entertaining books. Because I am very particular about which books I approve, only a few genres are available to have guest reviews; children’s booksmiddle grade, school classics and some YA fiction. Because it would be useless and unnecessary for me to read a book in order for me to approve of the review someone already wrote, I have to give a certain amount of trust in this area. I have a way to decide on which books can be reviewed but I will save that to explain to those who are interested in this role.

Benefits of being a guest: Once again, I will not be giving the guests access to post anything by themselves, however they will receive full credit for the review, a short bio, bio picture (if desired), and links to personal websites. The details of selecting the books to review will be saved for the explanation of whoever is interested in taking the role.

My role when regarding a guest: Just like with guests for Accelerate the Jesus Movement, I will be the editor of the reviews simply to polish them to perfection. Also, I will take the tedious task of adding all of the links and formatting of the reviews as well so all the guest will need to do is write the review and attach the cover image 🙂

I think that I already have a few writers lined out for guest posts so please don’t hesitate to drop a comment or email me at for more information. I don’t have a limit for how many people can guest post (nor do I have a limit for how many posts a single guest can submit) so please feel free to pass this around to anyone who may want to guest post.

Thanks so much for reading this post and I hope that you faithful followers still stick around in the midst of this transition! Thanks again guys and I hope you all have a blessed day!


1 thought on “Writing Opportunity for Writers”

  1. This sounds like a great opportunity for others and you. Can’t wait to see where this goes and read all the encouraging posts from other guests. Fun!

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