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Learning How to Lead: Guiding a Bible Study



“Would you like to lead a Bible study this month?”


This question is one that will either excite us tremendously, or strike instant fear into us, or sometimes both. Attending a Bible study is one thing, but leading? That’s huge and it comes with major responsibilities. Our immediate reactions might be “I’ve never lead a Bible study, so I’m not equipped enough for it” or “I’m not a leader, no one will listen to me” or even “I’m scared, I don’t know how or even where I would start”.


These are all very real, very natural, and very okay responses. It’s perfectly okay to feel unequipped to fill the shoes of something this important, in fact, if we do feel unequipped then that reveals a certain kind of humility that makes us perfect for the task. We just need to make sure that this humility doesn’t turn into fear, keeping us from participating in an awesome experience.


Leading a Bible study, or really any event, is a task not to be taken lightly, but not taken too seriously either. Here are some simple guidelines to go by when you’re asked, or want, to be the leader of a Bible study.

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