Short Story, The Pookie Tales

The Pookie Tales



     If a cotton ball could move, it would probably figure out a way to become an uncontrollable bouncy ball. In fact, many believe that’s what Pookie is, a cotton ball that learned to bounce. His hyperactive energy has the ability to dizzy even some of the most excitable dogs, even other dogs his size, and especially the humans in his life.

     Clara, the sweet old lady that adopted him when he was but a pup, says that he is the reason she stays fit, not in the way that it may sound like she intends to stay fit for him, but because she must in order to keep from losing him. Pookie’s adventures are one of a kind, and especially the ones that he had before he met the well known Chess, and even though Chess did indeed add more adventures to his life, we are going to focus on the stories of his younger years. The prequels to his fame. The behind the scenes of his puppy-life. The, well, you’ll see, that is if you decide that you’d like to stick around for the story.

Pookie’s Birthday

     The night was brisk and chilly. Not necessarily a cold and dreary night, but neither could one see the stars through the light fog layering the trees. The wind was gently blowing away the rain leftover from the storm earlier that night, creating a cooling mist. It was an abnormally warm summer in New York, so the storm was actually welcomed and if one were to stroll about the neighborhood at this hour, they would not be the only ones.

    However, Fancy, the Williams’ family’s favorite Mini Poodle, was keeping the family from enjoying the cool night like so many others in the neighborhood. She wasn’t doing so on purpose, of course not! Fancy lived up to her name as The Best Groomed, Best-Behaved, and Most Proper Dog of the city (she had the trophies to prove it), so she was certainly not one to create mischief. No, tonight was not chosen on purpose by Fancy, but giving birth to a litter of puppies is not something anyone can choose just anytime.

     Fancy was the prized pet of the house, so when rumors of the small poodle finally having her puppies made it from the maids to the servants to the butler to the cooks, and of course to the stable workers, she was soon the talk of the neighborhood. See, everyone in the dog-show world had been waiting in line for a chance to adopt one of Fancy’s puppies, hoping that her offspring would behold as much eloquence as she, little did any of them expect Pookie.

    Pookie was the first-born, and unfortunately, the only male to have been born in the little of four. After him came, Trish, Lovely, and Willow, in that order. All four puppies were perfect for the dog-shows, being completely white with no blemishes at all (decided after the puppies had grown all of their fur of course), well, all except Willow. She was certainly beautiful, but she had a single black spot on her left ear about the size of a dime that, over time, became viewed as a beauty mark, causing many to request her before her sisters once she turned six weeks old.

    Pookie was wanted most fervently, however, for a few reasons. One being that he was the only male from the litter. Another being that he was the first -born and it is often assumed that the first-born will inherit the most traits of the mother. And the last, being that from the very moment he was born, his eyes were wide open and he was incredibly hyper.

    Within the first couple hours, he had discovered that his legs were meant for walking, not wriggling around helplessly as his sisters used theirs for, and had quickly lost interest in his mother’s milk. The two maids, who were in charge of keeping careful watch of the puppies while Mr. and Mrs. Williams tucked their two children back into bed, quickly realized that Pookie would be the only one needing all four eyes on him.

    Pookie sat at the edge of the doggy-bed, his wet, furless self keeping him from looking like the mini poodle that he was, taking in his surroundings. Something began to beat behind him and he jumped when he saw that is was something white directly next to his bum. It moved when he moved, and that puzzled him. His wide brown eyes, incapable of closing at the wonders around him, studied the white thing carefully. He took a deep breath through his nose and wrinkled it when he realized that the snout on the end of his face had a purpose, to smell, quickly taking his focus away from the white thing near his rear. He sniffed again and marveled at how when his face was turned one way it smelled different than it did another way, and when he returned to the original way, it smelled the same as it had before.

     “Pookie, love” a strange voice called, causing his ears to perk up, again making him realize that when he did so he could hear something, “Come here love, away from the edge.”

     He looked up and saw a larger version of himself, which he knew to be his mother, some things were simply instinct and did not require discovery.

    “Come here my darling, I know that you are tired despite all of the adventures calling out to you.” Even though he couldn’t necessarily understand her, he could sense the pull in her words to return to the warmth of her coddling.

     Without realizing what he was doing, his mouth opened wide, temporarily cutting sound from his ears and releasing something that made him want to close his eyes. He cocked his head to the side in confusion, determined to discover the “whys” behind everything, when he heard the pull in the voice from his mother once again.

     Suddenly desiring to be coddled with his sisters, who were already sound asleep, he waddled back over to his mother and crawled longways on top of all three of his sisters, deciding that being on top meant that he was in charge. His eyes became too heavy to keep open and he allowed himself to fall asleep, somehow knowing that when he woke, there would be more time to explore this new world. Dreams filled his head for the first time and the love for adventure was born that cool day in August.


Are ya’ll excited that Pookie finally has the spotlight? I am! I’ve been planning this for a while and cannot wait to take you on Pookie’s adventures!


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